Bonneville SpeedWeek 2017.... In an era of Decreasing Salt

 Bullett Maintenance, Benefits, and Racing

As it is often said " Put someting exciting between your legs".

Post 2016 Bonneville: Time for New Tires

One set of these Goodyear LSR 300 MPH tires was used for the construction of the Bullett. They became weathered during the long build process and were cut in half for close inspection of the thickess of the rubber in 2008 at the request of Nate Jones Cowboy Tire. Shaving excess rubber was done by Nate Jones to balance and prep the new tires and to round the front tire for better handling. The second set was used for the initial running, gaining licenses for the Long Course, and setting a 200 MPH Record that stood for 5 years. After spinning the rear tire at over 260 MPH, bouncing through some deep ruts at 194 MPH, and plus the effects of weathering, we decided to put on new rubber for safety reasons. You are looking at $1650.00 worth of new rubber. Our third set. Does get expensive.

The Bullett is about the only long course (>175 MPH) motorcycle that actually has legal tires in the eyes if the SCTA-BNI Bonneville Inspectors. There have been crashes at Bonneville due to tire failures, and numerous instances of tires chunking with Z-Rated tires running well over 200 MPH. Motorcycles have crashed and people have died in other Speed Events...Perhaps with tire failure as one of the factors.

Mike Geokan, some 24 years ago, made the decision to design his Bullett around tires that would be safe. He had no guidance and he was on his own. He was proved to be correct. 45 degrees of rake, a stiff chassis, a long wheelbase, and safe tires to bring the rider home alive.

The three new tires above were purchased and then we decided not to use them. The decision was made to go to a taller front to better handle the poorer salt conditions and an even higher speed 300 mph LSR rear tire.

Now we have better rubber and perhaps the only motorcycle with truly certified 300 mph rubber front and rear. We are now running the two tires circled above in the Goodyear Eagle Land Speed brochure. No they do not have them at Costco.

So we actually ended up buying five new tires...Two fronts (they would only sell us two) as we had before, and a rear same as we had before...Then we decided not to use them.New 2284 LSR rear tire pictured left above.

Then it was bye, bye $1300.00 on the second purchase. Mike Geokan and Bryan Stock decided to put on a 23" 2283 front tire instead of the previous 21" LSR tire as it had a more rounded profile and the rear tire we upgraded to a true 300mph LSR 2284 rear tire instead of the 25" Front Runner we used before. In 2016 Bryan was sideways on the poor salt at 194 mph on the long course...and after his last run he said he was on the floorboards sawing the handlebars left to right. He's hoping the new front will be better with it's more rounded and taller profile. He has a lot of runs over 200 mph so he's the best judge. The tires will pass any SCTA-BNI inspection.

Does these look like they are worth $1300.00? Well, If you are Bryan Stock and sitting on the Bullet with the front tire going 250 MPH and the rear tire spinning at 275 MPH, it is, from his viewpoint, money well spent.

New 23" 2283 front tire to the right above. These LSR tires run on Mike Geokan designed Funny Car certified wheels with 70 PSI tire pressure. Rubber bands in the tradition of Sir Malcolm Campbell, Craig Breedlove, Mickey Thomson, the Summers Brothers, and Al Teague. No pops.

Bullett Pistons..People ask about the specs

When you stick a 560 Hp turbo on the 139 CID Bullett Orca Motor the pistons, piston pins, and rings get subjected to a lot of heat and pressure. A lot of people ask what we run and here are the specifications: CP Pistons 4.367" for a 4.375" Bore; Top Groove 0.064"; 2nd Groove 0.064"; Third Groove 0.149". Flat Top with relief for the 2.200" Inlets and 1.800" exhaust valves; 0.927" heavy wall pins with 0.073" wire locks.

We cut the skirts for clearance and ceramic coat the piston tops and graphite coat the skirts. Ring gaps are 0.026" for the Top Ring and 0.028" for the Second Ring; Std 3 piece oil ring. No cylinder head gaskets or base gaskets with Silver-plated Inconel 600 psi Nitrogen seal rings on the cylinder heads. We have even run PEEK Buttons on the skirts. Drop $2,500.00 on the pistons...and more on the machining and coating. We have had zero issues running high zinc content Brad-Penn Oil.

The 139" Orca motor has been used as a test bed to experiment with new technologies...electronics, closed loop boost control, traction control, bearing designs, piston sealing, vacuum pumps, ceramic coatings, high temperature valves, cylinder head porting, camshaft design and more.. Somethings have worked and somethings have failed. It is definitely not short on power as Bryan Stock can attest...His first words after a 214 mph run...."I want one of those in my Dresser!".

Bullett Turbo

New chromed AN fittings installed Bullett's turbo wastegate replacing the lightly corroded gold irridited cad plated ones. Either chrome or hard anodization will withstand the salt corrosion. The wastegate was bench tested and checked out O.K.. The Bullett's Garrett 560 hp turbo was inspected and its bearings were in perfect shape. A light touch up with ceramic spray coating and she is good to go again for 2017 with closed loop phase anti-phase boost and traction control.

New Teeth for the Bullett

New custom 7075-T6 Hard-Anodized sprockets from Sprocket Specialists for the jackshaft and rear wheel...312 mph gearing @6750 rpm in 5th gear. New EK chains were also purchased and installed.

Five 7/16" chromed Grade 8 fasteners secure each of these sprockets. Chrome survives the salt slush. Zinc plated parts corrode instantly. Stainless, save specialized Aircraft A286 fasteners are not strong enough. The bouncing on a rough long course has already bent a rear axle and snapped a primary chain. Safety is paramount. Maintence and replacement of parts is mandatory.

Bryan Stock...139" ORCA

Motor freshened up by master mechanic and bike builder Bryan Stock with new Torrington and Timken pinion shaft bearings. Bye Bye ball bearing and its clips that got us at the 2016 World of Speed. New rings and new S&S oil pump. Rear to roar. Fuck the trouble, it's time to party and roll again.

Diana and Shane...2017 Bullett Benefit in Boise 

Coordinating bikers, vendors, bands, bar service, food, raffles, bike washes, and supporters will be Diana Sterk (in pink & black above), and Shane Taylor (in Brother Speed's Gold and Black above).  Diana with her lasso to pull people into line with her infectious laugh and iron will, and Shane with his gentle Brother Speed persuasion. Plan on attending. Beautiful weather has been ordered. Diana and her ever present Canon camera gear. Check out Diana's photography.

2017 Winter Time Blues by Diana Sterk....Winter Time Blues (You Tube)


Tenatively scheduled for 29 April 2017 in Boise Idaho there will be a benefit for the Bullet Race Team and Mike Geokan. Mike will be in final recovery from an upcoming operation at the Veterans Hospital.  The 2015 Bullett Benefit was a big show and 2017 will be even bigger.  Shane's Chopper on the salt in 2016.

Pink: Get the Party Started...lyrics by Linda Perry..

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Be in Boise 29 April and hear the Bullett Roar. Burn some rubber.