Brake Calipers/Pads/Rotors

Brake systems are currently undergoing testing and development. These aren't the usual suspects, but are something very special that is the result of our involvement in Racing brake design and development dating back to to 1972. Doing anything new is a high risk.

Brakes are reverse horsepower and represent another method of gaining an advantage in a high performance situation. It's simple, go in faster, come out quicker. As has been stated before, "brake to win". Amen. Smell the victory roses.

This is a Porsche ceramic rotor with a six piston caliper. It doesn't look like your motorcycle brake does it? Perhaps car brake technology is a bit better than thin warp-prone discs that are often made out of heat-holding stainless steel. Something to ponder. No we don't make these but they are nice parts to order as optional equipment on your new Turbo.

When it came time to put better brakes on our turbocharged Harley-Davidson Road Glide we machined up some brackets and put on a set of 4-piston Sumitomo calipers. These are one piece items that do not flex. Bolt together calipers can never be as stiff. Now, the Harley stainless (magnetic) rotors work well enough for normal use but they simply can't shed the heat in extreme use...but then this is just an 850 lb couch with a turbo and not a race bike. Brake feel and stopping power is increased so it's a win win situation. Being able to stop quicker than the spongy stock brakes was the goal.