LSR 2-1 Shovelhead

00-1105 Ceramic Black

Customer writes: "Hi, Just a few pictures of the end result! The bike runs a lot better with the new pipe, better gas response and a nice roaring sound. It took a while, but was well worth the wait! Cheers, Enrico"

00-1105 C Style LSR 2-1in Ceramic Black. Old School with Mags...Class ride.

Red 4x4 and 2x1

Customer writes: "My second pipe from your master craftsman.... Again perfect... Guess I will need another ... Ray". 00-1004 LSR 2-1 Turn Out.

Perfection...well, not really

Customer writes: "RB, This is my 3rd exhaust from your company. First was a Heritage softail, second was a Road king and now this Shovel,   I knew what to expect, Perfection!  What more is there to say?  Still would like to see the exhaust rear bracket in chrome.  And I got lucky for a second time as you had it already made.... Thanks!".

Beautiful bike...puts new Dressers to shame.

C Style LSR 2-1 for FX Shovels...Mid Peg and Forward Controls

Mike Geokan  rebuilt this FX from the ground up...Down to bare frame and the engine completely rebuilt with the original cases remachined replacing loose main bearings. He tossed everthing away save the matching frame and engine. We made his a C Style pipe for the fits tighter than you know what. Destined for Dyan. Labor of love.

Note that this bike has forward controls. The pipe is also designed around a dead stock 1976 FX master cylinder location (tucked inside the frame) with mid pegs. If you don't have a stock master cylinder location change it before you order.

00-1104 in Black

Customer writes: "It is rare in today's world where a product does everything it's supposed to. Thank you so much. Don".

Keeper: 00-1104 in Chrome

Customer writes: "Sending you a picture as you requested, have installed your pipe, this is obvious . 88" S&S nothing fancy, have had this bike since 1984, been to 45 states riding her... Ordered your pipe and yes it took a while, but what I got for my patience was a fine crafted piece, well worth the wait ,,, love it ! Bike runs nice with this pipe, sounds nice when I roll it on.. To all the bitches out there who complain about time frames, cost and customer service ... Go buy your Mexican stamped big name pipe for 8 bills plus, that's all you deserve ... These pipes are only for the few that understand... Will be ordering another for the 72 superglide 93" I'm building... Thanks RB !!!

We build to order. Over 700 part numbers and four different finishes. It does get complicated.

37 Years and 10,000 miles later..1976 Super Glide

It's hard to dig up an un-molested 37 year old FX Shovel to do prototyping on... Mid peg, stock 4 speed, highway pegs, kick start. B Style 00-1004 Turn Out being prototyped.

1976 Super Glide with 10,802 miles. We needed a stocker for prototyping exhausts and this one is dead stock. People pass away and the iron goes into the back of the garage...the iron lives on and we fade away. We're getting the Super Glide freed up and running for a friend after we finish our prototyping our LSR 2-1 exhausts. It's been a long time since we worked on an FX and we needed to check and update our fixtures.

We build to Order...You pay when we ship

Customer writes:" Got my exhaust system the other day as promised. It was flawless, went on perfectly, and the mount was good too. I will fire it up in a few days and see how it runs, but anticipate good results from all I have heard. Thanks again and it was worth the wait, no matter how many people have slammed you guys for not being a cookie cutter operation. Tim"

00-1004 FX Shovelhead Turn Out LSR 2-1, for stock 4 speed. Ports are a machined part and heliarced into place for a perfect fit.

Road Less Traveled

Customer writes: "Hi there, I just wanted to send you a pic of my shovel ... check it out ! You can put it on your website if you like it ... I love this exhaust ! Cheers Mischa.

93" Dual Plugged Iron

This is our new "C" style Shovelhead pipe. We threw out all the old parts and started over even though we've been making them since 1978. It was time to revisit things and make some corrections. Shovels pose particular problems with their single bolt exhaust ports, and cylinders that can be tightened down out of inlet and exhaust port alignment. Some engines like the one above are strokers with taller cylinders. Exhaust ports are usually worn a bit and getting gaskets to seal is often a bitch.

We addressed the port alignment issue by creating a separtate piece for the flange and the extension into the port and then welding the pipe to this piece. We also make the pipe in two separate pieces which takes into account differences in cylinder height for heads which have been decked and taller cylinders on strokers.

"C" pipes will clear kickers and we made up some laser cut and powder coated steel brackets for the frame to pipe mounts.

We are designing newer "B" style pipes. C Style Slash Cut shown.

1975..Where were you? Or were you at all?

Customer writes: " I promised some pictures and sorry it took so long. I installed and LSR 2 into 1 exhaust on my 1975 Harley FLH. The fit was perfect they even cleared my factory floor boards. I am glad someone is still making a quality exhaust for the old shovel I thought I was stuck with drag pipes until I found your web site. The sound and performance is great and I get a lot of questions about the pipe. Thanks for still making a quality and sharp looking product. Paul".

Good style doesn't change. There's something timeless about Dressers. If something works, sits right, and gets you where you want to go ..What else is there? Anyone can buy a $35,000.00 CVO. It the end it's still just two wheels and a motor. Motorcycle. Rolling Thunder, 1975 style.

Ms Blue..93"

Customer writes: "Hi Folks, Just wanted to let ya see what I've been working on for the last few months and to say Thank you for the super pipe I got from you. It looks great & sounds even better and I got it 4 days after I ordered it, can't beat that! Finally I have a pipe that doesn't leak and fits perfect. Bike was completey overhauled during the winter including the dual plugged 93" S&S beast. Still getting her broken in but it feels great already, Thanks again for a great pipe, best I've found in 30+ years of Dresser ridin'. Best Regards, Larry".

00-1104 FLH Shovelhead Turn Out rotated 45 degrees in chrome.

Netherlands...Old School

Silver Ceramic Turn out...Bag follows frame..Very Cool!

LSR 2-1's Down Under

We ship LSR 2-1 exhausts direct to customers in Australia. Middlemen always seem to want to sell things but not actually buy things...and when they do, the price goes sky high and often they order the wrong parts for the customer who has to wait forever... Too many layers.

We "Build to Order" all systems no matter who you are or where you are and do not try to fill distribution channels full of parts. Offering 700+ parts numbers in four different finishes and in four major product ranges from Full Race to Quiet gives our customers the exhaust system best suited for their intended purpose. We ship FedEx Economy on Mondays and Thursdays.

SS Titanium Sled

Customer writes: "Greetings to all at RB Racing, Here you go! It must be exciting for you to see the end result of your products after installation! WOW is the only response I have after firing the motor! What a masterpiece of talent by all who designed and completed this exhaust system. Unbelievable fitment-precision to say the to how every piece had perfect alignment, all the way from the exhaust port to the mounting bracket. Thank you so much for all the email responses (even though I exceeded my limit at times! haha). And you know thats because of listening to too much negative crap from stupid people which seems to put our society in a state of paranoia....After stumbling onto your website over a year ago and spending literally countless hours studying it, it confirmed what I've always known, that America is the place where small business and people of integrity coupled with great ideas can create greatness!! Pipe sounds and performs awesome after I got everything dialed in. Don't have any dyno numbers-don't care-cause I got what I wanted and it is better than what I had and It was hand crafted for MY bike, not to mention talking to you guys personally instead of some shmuck overseas or voicemail..Lookin' forward to the next time and Lynn, your NOT a nag! LOL Sincerely, Phil."

Annie Leibovitz..Watch Out

Customer writes: "Hi, You asked for a picture when we spoke on the phone. I'm no professional, but here goes a shot. Thanks for a great exhaust. Tim". 00-1104 Turn Out rotated 45 degrees.

Flange System

Typically, you bend up your primary tubes, push them through the Shovel flange and weld the pipe in place. There are always minor variations in this process. For example, a small angular or rotational error in a pipe with four bends in it throws off the location of either the port end or the collector end of the primary tube. Secondly, the bend at the exhaust port is never truly "round" as the tubing stretches to the outside of the bend and the roundness can be off quite a bit. It can easily be more than .025" out of round.

We decided to machine the exhaust port slip in a lathe and precision heliarc it to the Shovelhead exhaust flange. During the production welding process these parts are welded last to insure perfect alignment. Each port slip area is perfectly round and has the same seating depth. If you use new exhaust gaskets you should have a perfect fit.

LSR 2-1 Pro Stock

Raise the dead. Blow people off of their bus benches. Kick Twin Cam ass. Old school gets promoted to the fast lane. You asked for racing Shovel pipes so we are making them. 93" Shovel. Dual Plugs. 10.5:1. Big cams and Sting Ray seat. No baffle.

That guy in the new $38,000.00 110" CVO FLH won't know what hit him.

125 MPH Quarter Mile...Shovel with Bags

LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Shovelhead 00-1382, 2" C Style....and you thought your Twin Cam was fast.

Customer writes: "Greetings RB Racing Staff.  I was in the market for an after market exhaust for my father's 1977 FLH Shovelhead. I had no real idea that there aren't many options for the older bikes. I searched through miles of internet junk until I came across your brand on a forum. I had never heard of the RB Racing product before so I quickly became interested after visiting your web site and seeing that you had exactly what I would need. I sent one question in an email and got immediate feedback. I settled on the 00-1097 C style in a Titanium finish.

The research I had done had me a bit concerned over the amount of time it would take to get my pipe after ordering it. I ordered in the first week of November on the web site and was hovering at a month when I sent an anxious email. Lynn got back to me that day with the tracking number telling me the pipe was on its way. It arrived December 14th, which worked perfect because my Dad's birthday is the 15th. Probably the coolest birthday present he has opened in a long time.

I'm no mechanic. So when we took off his old straight pipes and started with the install on this I was a little skeptical. I was so happy when we had the new LSR's on in about 20 minutes! The gaskets fit perfectly, all the bolts and brackets were a tight seamless match and the system is on so tight that you could stand on them. The research and design put into this system is outstanding. I had figured we would have to do some adjusting with the rear mount for the simple fact that nothing goes on without some issue. There was no issue, snag, or any sort of problem.

 The picture from March 7th. One of the first real sunny days here in Connecticut. We have not had the chance to put any real mileage on yet. There have been a few trips around the block to get a sense of how the system acts. I was surprised to notice that when you are riding it has a smooth, subtle rumble. With the pipe being behind the ears it makes a big difference rather than having the front pipe on a standard system right below you. But make no mistake, the pipe is LOUD! Down shifting and letting off makes that thing bark to no end! Awesome! The performance difference was noticeable as well. There is a much quicker response at the low end which gets the RPM's up quick. The bike is fairly built as it is so this only helps it be a super sleeper.

I can't wait to see the looks it gets when we do get out this season. Who has a Titanium pipe? Who knows about RB Racing here in CT? We do. And we are going to be spreading the word going forward.

 Again, Thank you for making such a superior product. We will be enjoying it until that bike runs no more. Mat"

More Pro Stock..86" Stroker

Customer writes: "What can I say, a bad ass pipe for a bad ass Shovel. I have had this bike for 25 years and it was built 15 years ago: 86 c.i. S&S stroker S&S Super E carb, and a Crane Fire Ball cam. It always ran pretty good with straight pipes. I thought about a Thunderheader but I would have to modify it to fit, then a friend told me about RB pipes, I saw that they made one for an FLH that fit right on and it f#%#kin fits nice looks great, It isn't even dialed in yet and guys with new 96in baggers are on it to keep up, It put new life into an old bike that I love to ride. Thanks guys. Frank"

00-1095 in chrome.

93" Shovelhead..Old School

Customer writes: "Here's a pic of your pipe on my Shovel. Its a 93 inch S&S stroker kit, 514 cams, Super E carb. The fit, chrome and workmanship on this pipe are fantastic, Im very impressed. If anyone askes how this pipe sounds you can tell them its all Harley. Its deeper and stronger sounding than ever. Whats really impressive is how hard the bike pulls from 3 grand to about 6000 RPM. The time between gear changes is much quicker than when I ran drag pipes. I have some sorting out to do with the carb which I expected. The only bitch I have is how long it took to get the pipe!!!  The mounting bracket you sent needed to be reworked and spaced out but thats no big deal. Anyway, Im very pleased with the pipe and will be looking for one for my wifes softtail in the future. Thanks, Dave"  

It's a miracle we still make these. Lucky it's short term memory that goes first. 00-1094 Chrome Pro Stock 1 3/4" B Style. It is fun to outrun a new Twin Cam bike though.

2" Shovelhead Pro Stock C Style (FL)

We hand make all our LSR 2-1 Pro Stock systems but a 2" Shovelhead requires a lot more work. Sort of an odd request, but this one is for a long term customer of ours who has set numerous records with Shovels with our exhausts and is now planning to go to Bonneville with a built 113". The pipe is a 2" LSR 2-1 Pro Stock 00-1381 and is headed off for a Silver Ceramic finish. Customer runs a ported Super"D" with Thunderjets and a ram air system.

You can't get a 2" pipe at the ports as we can on our other systems so we have to "bell" the 1 3/4" into the 2" primaries. Front primary slips and the exhaust is designed for the taller engine. The customer asked for O2 ports so we installed them.

On all Shovelhead pipes, including this 00-1381 Chrome 2" Pro Stock, the front primary tube is a slip fit. We do not offer heat shields for Shovelhead designs.

The front primary tube has an Oxygen Sensor Port as we have done for over 20 years. You can use a RSR Air Fuel Ratio gauge to monitor and set your carburetor's fuel mixture.

FXR Pro Stock C Style

Customer writes: "Here are a couple of pic's of my 1982 FXRS Shovelhead, which & installed your Pro-Stock pipe on. Love to see it on your site! Btw, pipe is AWESOME! Thanks...Bob". 00-1097 in Black Ceramic.

You Meet the Nicest People

A guy calls us up and asks us if we can make the 2" pipe pictured above for a 128 CID Right Side Drive Shovelhead in a custom Chassis on an engine that has 3 bolt STD cylinder heads. The simple answer is that there is no fixture for something like that and if we attempted to do it it would be pure guesswork on our part. We told the guy to send us a picture and we would look at the issues and come up with a response. We were rewarded with "If you cant do it you are a bunch of fkking assholes".

We sent the guy the following response:

"Don't contact people who make things for something nobody makes anyway and then berate them.

You simply are not going to get anywhere with that approach.

The feeling is mutual.

We have three rules:
1. We like the product
2. We like the money
3. The customer is agreeable

Any violation of the three and we do not do business.

Any custom item chews up several days of fabrication. Overhead is > $2000.00 per day. If Coatings are involved over 260 miles of driving. Lots of people here involved. They all have to get paid. If the three rules are OK we go ahead at stated prices even if it makes no economic sense.

In your case there is no amount of money that would interest us.

You have not dealt with us. Dealing with us means there is a transaction. Thousands of people do it every year and they are quite pleased. Only people like yourself who do not deal with us, have an agenda, and end up angry and pissed off at the world for whatever reason go their way fuming and ranting.

Take your venom to the next vendor. Another one who does not make something for your ill-defined goal.

As stated Good Luck.

RB Racing"

2" Shovelhead B Style (FX)

00-1382 LSR 2-1 Pro Stock 2" Shovelhead for stroker FX series. Headed for ceramic coating.

Don't let it Grow

Customer writes: "They look great, sound great, and that Shovel pulls like a mule with em. Thanks. Bill "

82 Superglide II FXR w/ stock 80 CI Shovelhead engine, S&S Super E carb, and R&B Racing B-style, Slash-Cut LSRs w/silver ceramic finish. Part Number 00-1007.

If you have an FXR Shovel you have to tell us because the rear bracket must be positioned 5" rearward from our standard location.

Some models which have floorboards can only fit a "C" Style pipe. As to which one works the best there are too many variables for us to discuss as it varies model to model. Some customers have priorities such as extra clearance for their forward contols and their tennis shoes / cowboy boots / high heels / lineman they go for the "C" Style.

Other customers demand a "B" style because they "know it's better because they had a "B-Style" on their last bike and it kicked ass!" Everyone has his priorities and the bike set-ups are so different that we offer both styles "B" and "C" as well as 1 3/4" and 2" in both Turn Outs and Slash Cuts for most models. Decisions, decisions, decisions! Pictured above is an LSR 2-1, B Style, Turn Out, 1 3/4", part number 00-1004 for a Shovelhead.

New Dual O2 Meters

Shovels really only need the single air fuel ratio meter (see page bottom). All our systems come with a front O2 port and have for the last 20 years. We can put a second O2 port on at no charge if you want to run one of these. You will have buy two of our narrowband high temperature Bosch O2 sensors. Call if you want this option.

For EFi sequential injection our new RSR Dual Air Fuel Gauge displays the fuel mixture in both the front and rear cylinders separately. The gauge is housed in a hard anodized round enclosure in a standard 2" format with a 2.250" bezel, center back mount, with a 5/16" x 18 stainless socket head cap screw. The gauge will show fuel ratios from 17:1 to 12.0:1 (or richer). The gauge is visible in daylight and automatically dims for nighttime operation.

Scale is, left to right, lean to rich: three greens, three yellows, two orange and two red l.e.d.s.

The white arrow indicates the maximum power mixture, the second orange light, which is 13.2:1. Transitory enrichments should not, if the engine is warm (>200F Oil temp), go past the first red light. Readings at the far right side of the scale, the second red light, are simply too rich. Proper closed loop operation will cycle back and forth from green to orange around the center of the display.

It is simply the best way to evaluate the tune of your motorcycle and saves valuable dyno time. Mounted permanently. Waterproof.

Compatible with OEM narrowband sensors. Can be supplied with new high temperature Bosch narrowband sensors. Far right photo shows gauge in dim light conditions at maximum power setting.

New SS Titanium Finish

In our continuing effort to offer you the best product we have a new SS Titanium finish that we have been testing for a year. We now have four finishes to choose from: Chrome, Silver Ceramic, Black Ceramic, and SS Titanium Ceramic.

Chrome is a no-brainer. It's a shiny, reflective, hard surface that can be covered by heat shields and is resistant to scratching. Black is the finish when you want black...It's that simple. Silver Ceramic is a popular coating that is well known to be durable and to hold the heat in the pipe.

The new SS Titanium finish is a dark semi-gloss metallic grey that will not show dirt, stains, or marks as easily as do the other ceramic finishes. Sportster LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Challenge shown.

Note: Ceramic finishes on LSR Exhaust systems are taken to the coaters every three weeks. Payment for all ceramic finishes is made at the time we deliver the parts to the coater as at that point the process is irreversible and very expensive. Batches from the coaters are finished every two to three weeks. In short, if you order a ceramic finish i.e. Black, Silver, or SS Titanium payment is effected before shipment and is non-refundable.


Customer writes: "First, I have had your LSR 2-1 C w/Turnout on my 98 FLSTS for about 4 years and 32,000 miles. It looks great, sounds great, and of course, performs great.

Second, the mechanic that works on my bike also drag races a Shovelhead powered FL. He only ran Thunderheader until he rode my bike and did some research. Steve had you guys make him a 2-1 and set new records in his class.

Third, my brother-n-law has a '05 EFI Road King. He was just dying to put some Rinehart true duals on it. I talked him into waiting until he looked at and listened to a lot of RKs before buying. During the year he did this I kept asking what he wanted out of the new exhaust. Finally, he admitted sound and performance. He kept saying I love the sound of your bike and it is fast as hell. So, I suggested the LSR 2-1 C Slash Cut longer pipe. We installed your exhaust, a PCIII usb, and a K&N filter with stock a/c cover and changed the backing plate. His road king has torque and runs like a scalded dog. We both can out run 95" kits installed at the HD dealers.

I provided the background to say this. My B'law took his RK to the HD dealer for the 15k maintenance service. The mechanics went nuts over the exhaust and what it does for the performance. They asked all kinds of questions. They had never heard of your firm or the exhausts. Now comes the kicker and it makes me a little sad (because I have enjoyed having an exhaust that out performs the crap the HD dealers sell). The mechanics conclusion. They are going to take off that HD exhaust crap (their words) and get RB Racing exhausts. Now the word will spread around Memphis and RB Racing exhausts will be everywhere.

It was good while it lasted - having the performance edge over others.

Your exhaust system has been great on my bike for 4 years and 32k miles. Thanks for a great product. I can't imagine having any other brand of exhaust!

PS. Sure wish you would make a LSR 2-1 for Victory Jackpot or 8 ball. The only reason I haven't purchased one in the last two years is because you said you would NOT make a Victory exhaust.


Shovel FL Bagger LSR 2-1 Systems

Ever since the price on Shovels went up from $3,000.00 to $10,000.00 or even past $15,000.00, Shovel owners have been asking us to build FL series LSR 2-1 systems. This design fits both solid and rubber mount models. Solid mount models have a laser cut bracket that mounts off the frame.

We heliarc on a slotted bracket hidden on the back side of the exhaust. The pipe is two piece with the front pipe slipping for ease of install and to account for variances in deck heights. You do not put a clamp on the slip joint as it is a slip joint and not meant to be crushed by some chromed clamp and an over-zealous 3/8" ratchet. Assemble the slip with Permatex 598B if you so choose.

Newer "Turbo" Black and SS Titanium Ceramic Finishes

We have a lot more people looking for durable ceramic finishes and we think we have the best finishes on the market. In the late 70's and early 80's we tried all sorts of coatings and paints and even used porcelain on some of our products in the late 1980's. The newer ceramic finishes are tougher and we use both Polished Silver, Semi-Gloss Black, and SS Titanium to complement our usual chrome offerings. The newest "Turbo" Black and SS Titanium finishes are a dual coat process that gives additional protection against scratches and nicks, providing two barriers against corrosion.

In 27 years we have tried all sorts of black finishes: Kal Gard, VHT, Techline, and others. We also in the mid 1980's we even tried porcelain for awhile. It chipped and the heat distorted the parts. Most finishes will not survive over a long period unless they have a base coat to cushion rock strikes and scratches. The surface has to be perfectly prepared and most applications can fail if run too soon at elevated temperatures as they are typically baked at 450 to 500 deg F whereas the cure takes place at around 750 deg F. Lower temperatures will not cure the resins and they will fail once the bike is run. To get around this dilemma we have found the best solution is a 2500 Deg F Ceramic cushion base coat and a secondary Black Semi-Gloss finish on top of this.

"Turbo" Black Ceramic and SS Titanium finishes are therefore the most expensive as they involve a triple process. First the parts are polished to remove any tooling marks.Then the parts are zirconia media blasted to prepare the surface. Then parts are cleaned. The parts are base coated with a 2500 Deg F ceramic and baked. After this process they are tumbled to burnish or harden the surface.

If the parts are to be Black or SS Titanium they are first lightly abraded and then are sprayed with a second ultra high temperature coating and baked a second time. The 2500 Deg F base or cushion coat adheres to the metal very well and provides insulation and corrosion protection. The black is a thinner coat and provides the smooth, dark black, finish we require.

Satin finishes scuff too easily so we do not use them.

The Semi-Gloss finishes can be cleaned with soap and water and scuff marks can be removed with Mother's Aluminum and Magnesium Polish.

"Turbo" Black Ceramic Touch-Up...Included With Black Systems

We include an aerosol can of 1500 Deg F "Turbo" Black Paint that exactly matches our Semi-Gloss Black Ceramic finishes with each Black Ceramic exhaust ordered. If your system requires any touch up you simply respray the affected area, let dry, and then rub or burnish with a soft cloth and the original finish will be restored. From time to time people ask us to recoat their systems. If you want to do this think about the shipping and coating expense which will total over $200.00. Some people have has us change their ceramic color or redo their pipes after a number of years. It is not a free service. It involves down time.

We have gone to extreme measures, as explained on this page, to use a very expensive dual coat process which involves an ultra durable ceramic base coat and a second semi-gloss Black Ceramic coat. All of this involves three trips to the oven and lots of labor not to mention pre-polishing all the parts as well as media blasting, a sealer coat, and about 260 miles of driving to and fro. There isn't a better finish.

Exhaust systems, contrary to some people's beliefs, are not an everlasting, never changing part like a piece of Tiffany jewelry. We like to think we build jewelry and we certainly try to do so. With our included can of matching touch-up paint you can take care of all the mishaps like melted tennis shoes, plastic road kill, and simple wear and tear from blasting around the country subjecting .0625" wall tubing to 1350 Deg F exhaust temperatures, rain, salt, stones, and road kill.

We are the only company that cares enough to do so. One final point...Ordering a Black system does not mean you do not need heat shields. Aersol Cans of "Turbo" Black Ceramic Touch Up paint are available separately for $29.95. Part Number 05-0002. PDF Instructions on LSR 2-1 "Turbo" Black Ceramic Touch Up Paint.

Ease of Installation

All LSR 2-1's are constructed in a number of fashions depending on the style of pipe and the model they go on: On rigid mount applications we use a "two-piece" design for "B" and "C" styles. The rear primary tube, the collector, and the tail section are welded into one assembly, while the front primary is a separate piece that slides into a precision "upset" slip joint that is permanently welded into the collector right next to the rear primary tube. This two-piece design makes the pipe supremely easy to install and offers three additional benefits: (1) We get better chroming on the front tube; (2) The slip allows for minor variations in exhaust port heights; (3) The slip joint allows a tension-free final positioning of both the head pipes as well as the tail section in relation to the mounting bracket, thus reducing stress/vibration fractures. There is no cussing when you install an LSR 2-1!


As they say. So simple a.....

Shovelheads: We provide a frame mounted laser cut and powder coated bracket for the rigid mount FLH Shovelheads. Other models you're sort of on your own.

Bonneville Proven

 LSR stands for Land Speed Record and that means only one place...The Bonneville Salt Flats, the Great White Dyno. We have the only gas powered street legal bikes over 200 mph and we're damn proud of it. RB Racing doesn't race typewriters, we race motorcycles and when someone says they get a 70% gain from their system, ask them for their 200mph Bonneville Records or any records for that matter. Hell, if we raced typewriters it sure would be a lot easier, not to mention cheaper.

We place an LSR tag on each exhaust system we make so they can be easily identified. Every now and then over the last twenty plus years someone decides to copy one of our designs, usually because some customer is very happy and he "stirs up the pond". They copy the general look but not the features that make them work. The tags eliminate any question about whether it's an RB Racing design or not and allows people admiring your bike to know the pipe's origin.

The tags have proven to be very popular and have been used since 1992. Every now and then someone asks us to not place the tag on their system to which we answer..."send us an affidavit certifying that you have removed all manufacturer logos from your tires, engraved Performance Machine logos from your brakes, Mikuni or S&S identifications from your castings, Harley identifications from your gas tank, Nike logos from your tennis shoes etc. and we'll consider it". The last guy we let talk us out of this was getting his bike in Hot Bike magazine and said he'd give us "credit" for a one off pipe we designed. When the magazine appeared on the newsstand all we saw was "computer designed pipe by Sands Racing". That was the end of that.

Crystal Balls and Astrology

You win some, you lose some. Mostly we win. Like we always say it always depends on the tuner. This is not a parts changing business and we all know it's easiest to just change pipes and see what happens, but that's not science. The LSR 2-1 pipes, themselves, do not represent a "limit" as long as you choose the right pipe for your application. The rest of the equation is getting the parts and tuning to work together.

Just put the damn thing on the road, open her up, and see what she'll do. Let the metal scream.

New Cloisonne Tags

Like in the adage "The relentless search for perfection" we have upgraded the logos we put on our LSR Exhaust Systems. Previous tags were stamped and formed aluminum with silkscreened details. The new cloisonne tags are a precision die struck brass, nickel plated, with powdered glass fired in an oven then polished to a jewelry finish. These are direct replacements for our older tags and are available for US $25.00 postpaid via US Global Express (foreign) or Priority Mail (domestic US). They come with black headed rivets and are riveted in place with a light coat of high temperature silicone (Permatex 598B) behind the tag.

O-Sensor Port Standard

All RB Racing LSR exhaust systems come standard with a machined and heliarced oxygen sensor boss just below your front exhaust port. This port is designed to accept and oxygen sensor (18mm x 1.5mm) which will allow you to use our RSR Air/Fuel Ratio Meter to tune and monitor in real-time your air/fuel ratio.

Three degrees of freedom. Supplied with longer bolts for triple clamp or headlight mounting. Stainless bolts. Or get creative and roll your own. Could be as simple as one hole or a flat strap with two holes. If you want one of these they are $24.95. Part Number 06-1024. For single or dual O2 meters.

Single O2 meter for Carb models

For the past 20 years we have been putting O-Sensor ports in the front primary tube. It is the only way to set your carburetion for optimum performance and economy. Our RSR Air Fuel Ratio gauges are completely waterproof and Harley proof. Billet construction and dead accurate. Saves dyno expense. If you just can't stay away from Dynos then tune with this first in the real world, then go to the dyno. Shown here on a 2008 Sportster.