From Ralph White 2016:

Not sure whom i am talking with

i know of you ... but we have never talked

Used to race with and against ...Sam Williams on and off the Lester team...many moons ago

Used to race with & against Lang as well

Still have one of the mono shock chassis in my office

Its my retirement project ... to put it back on the road

Never won the 24 hr at ledges...finished second twice...led it a few times
Ran several private entries

Won a bunch of endurance races as well

I was not aware that Sam had passed away .. and am deeply saddened

Sam was a fantastic person
gentlemen and a scholar to speak

He sent me a video of the ledges 24 hr a few years back

I will have to look up his wife and send her an email or something
Just been to busy with life...that sucks...

They used to live by a small lake in Ohio...
The area used to be an old amusement park area
(roller coasters and such i think he said)

Great pictures of the period and the bike
It was indeed.... way ahead of its time

The first time i rode it created lasting memories

I crashed it once at rockingham or charlotte in a 24 hr at night in the rain (wera event)
Going into the banking at the end of the front straight
Slid it all the way around the bowl   ... no damage done
Picked it up and brought it into the pits a few laps later for a couple of tweaks
Later that day ...was racing against the American Honda entry for the lead...
Apparently we set a lap record...that stood for a number of years...
or so Sam told me

Always envied lang for going to France...(should have taken me)

A Canadian fellow named Paul Turbull ..crossed your path   many years ago
He worked for Bell Helicopters out of Montreal
He bought one of your frames from you
Not sure if he worked for you or not
Looked allot like John Lennon

Anyway...small world
Thanks for the trip down memory lane

Any pieces to the puzzle i can offer from a different perspective .. Let me know

Safe Cycling

Ralph / T.O. Cycle Salvage Inc.