New K100RS Black Hole exhausts...

and performance enhancements are slowly arriving

Our rare 1992 16V Red K100RS in Motorsports colors....We haven't had a lot of time to work on the older bikes even though we own five BMWs back to an airhead R100RS. This is the new 4-1 Black Hole exhaust system for the earlier K100 bikes. 32mm ( 1 1/4") equal length primaries designed for torque and our sound cancelling Black Hole tail section/muffler. No's forever.

When these bikes came out in the mid 1980's we designed a 4-1 exhaust that was marketed by Luftmeister which they coated in Black (fragile) porcelain. The exhaust had a fat, low velocity collector, and much shorter primaries and a baffle that had to be repacked...Once the packing died the performance dropped and the sound went up. Funny story...The porcelain coater  mistakenly delivered a load of these exhausts to MAC Products in Long Beach and they copied them. Matt Capri, the owner of Luftmeister, being the snake that he was, took our 4-1 exhaust to Bassani to have it copied. Copying things seems to be epidemic at times. We found out about it and dropped a new cannister style exhaust on him with both Carbon Fiber and aluminum tail sections...and the ubiquitous "Billet End Caps"..Matt folded and took the new ones. Suckers always go for shiny billet end caps.

This design, the Black Hole, was something we kept in reserve but never showed to Luftmeister...Alas, they folded operation in 1995 after some serious mismanagement. Hold-em or fold-em.

We bought this K100RS 16V about 4 years ago and ran around on the stock exhaust until it broke the second time. Once we drove the bike back from our Bonneville Bullett racing project in Boise, Idaho, back to Los Angeles in December of 2008...860 miles in 12 hours plus gas stops and one Hershey Bar. It also holds the speed record, two up,...from our shop to Caltech in Pasadena, 24.5 miles in 20 minutes in Rush Hour LA traffic. It's a great bike. Our favorite.

They have adequate bag clearance and the exhaust, unlike the stock system, just clears the end of the bags. Lateral clearance from the exhaust to the edge of the tire is 2.5" (63.5mm).

Ceramic Black or Silver Finishes

Longer equal length primaries for torque. 4-1 design for maximum power. Uses stock mounting point. Dual Spring and bolt retention of tail section.
Sound canceling Black Hole Muffler is extremely low restriction but has a quiet, powerful, tone. Flanges are prepositioned for easy installation. Clears both center stand and side stand. Comes with O2 sensor port to allow use of our RSR Air Fuel Ratio Gauge or RSR Fuel Injection systems for our high output turbo projects.

We're slowly making a few of these new exhausts in Silver Ceramic or Black Ceramic. Black finished systems come with a can of touch up paint. They are really hand-made items. Figure on 6-8 week delivery to allow for coating. Pretty much the ultimate K100 exhaust.

$995.00 in Silver or Black Ceramic finishes.

Stock Exhaust...Down for the count

It had a long life. It was welded to fix a broken primary when we bought it and we welded it back together twice before we tossed it and put on the new 4-1 Black Hole. #3 simply fell off the last time we rode it...They all die sooner or later.