1977 Bol d' Or

 Bleu Blanc et Rouge


Roland Freymond, Grand Prix motorcyle, racer at the start of the 1977 Bol d'Or Race, circuit Bugatti, Le Mans, France. Whether it's Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge or Red White and Blue a racer is a racer. Behn Monoshock.

Cibie lights positioned for quick change or rider adjustment. Folding spring-loaded footpegs to survive a crash. Battery in tail for easy replacement. Three second quick fill system. Six gallon tank with sight window. Morris Magnesium wheels with cush drive on rear. DeCarbon race monoshock custom valved by DeCarbon race department in France. Brembo iron rotors and Lockheed brakes. Timken bearing swingarm. Integrated foot rest and Grimeca rear master cylinder. 29mm smoothbores for economy not the 31mm Keihin CRs. Crappy Krober tachometer that vibrated itself to death. Custom Ceriani forks and triple clamps. 395 lbs. 165 mph.

One gas tank was made (see above) on bike #47 with a sight window. Thirty-seven trips were made from Los Angeles to Costa Mesa where Jerry Greer made the fiberglass parts . We let Jerry Greer design the first tank but that was an 8 gallon blimp disaster so we got a block of foam, sculpted and coated it with wax for tank you see here. Narrow so your legs and arms were tucked in and with a low as possible center of gravity saddling the 4" backbone. The quick fills were positioned over the deepest part on the rear of the tank as, in testing, this gave us the quickest fill rate...3.0 seconds.

Cibie lights were placed outboard for three reasons: Easy independent adjustability and easy replacement.

That's why they won races...not at the 1977 Bol D'Or unfortunately...But we were there and left a lasting impression. Only Dan Gurney, A.J. Foyt and Briggs Cunningham preceeded us. No one before, no one since. Never again.

Roland Freymond..A real GP racer. Huge heart. 40 years later suited up.