SS Kits / SA Kits

Airflow is king and the combination is the key. There is no point in wasting your money on a hyper-expensive set of billet heads that don't flow worth a shit or that will cause you starting woes when you add a set of high compression pistons. Your stock heads were basically designed for appropriate Mach Indexes with about 65 horsepower worth of air at 5200 rpm...Move to the back of the pack!

Getting the right combination of cylinder heads, cams and exhausts, not to mention pistons has always been a trial by ordeal. You spend an endless amount of time and money modifying your stock cylinder heads only to find out that someone has to weld up the fins or their grinders will break through the castings. One thing we've learned about welding aluminum for over 25 years is that if you weld it, it has to be re-heat treated. When stock heads were the only option you had to do it. This is not the case anymore.

RB Racing has put together a program of head / camshaft / exhaust packages for the Evo and TC88 motors that use S&S Cycle Super Sport or Special Application "SA" cylinder heads featuring electric compression releases. High technology RSR "Active" pistons, forged and ultra lighweight are employed as are RB Racing LSR Exhaust systems.

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