RSR Fuel Injection - Harley



Clean solid installation. The RSR Fuel Injection ECU mounts to the front down tubes of your Harley-Davidson, directly in the on-coming air, and easily accessible for tuning. The Manifold Pressure Sensor is mounted below the ECU for easy access. It is a standard Delphi/General Motors part and is easily replaced should it fail. We haven't had one fail in ten years but everything can fail so we placed it so you can easily get at it. After ten years of this we have the following answer to those of you who want to put the ECU in some other location..."No". The only Harleys that are an exception to this are the Buell and some full race bikes. We absolutely will not entertain your ideas of hiding ecus in air dams and the like. Period. Notice the oxygen sensor in the front primary of the RB Racing LSR 2-1 exhaust system. If you choose to run a non-RB Racing LSR exhaust system you will have to weld an O-sensor port in this location. The RSR ECU is essentially waterproof, so you need not have any concerns about washing your bike or plodding through a heavy rainstorm. The electric fuel pump is visible on the nearest down-tube, mounted in cool air and easily accessible. The large 8" diameter air cleaner houses a genuine K&N air filter. Harleys are difficult to design parts for, especially fuel injection systems. We have a decade of experience to make this the cleanest most effective system possible.