RSR Air / Fuel Ratio Meter


More information in five minutes of operation than you would get from ten experts, none of whom would agree with one another. This gauge provides accurate, real-time feed back as to your exact air/fuel ratio. Visible in direct sunlight, it automatically dims at night due to built-in ambient light sensor. Designed to be mounted permanently it is both waterproof and shock-proof, housed in a billet aluminum casing that has been hard-anodized for corrosion resistance.

The RSR Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge comes with a user manual and complete installation instructions. Available alone or in a complete kit with either one wire or four wire Oxygen Sensors this low-cost gauge is as accurate as $10,000.00 instruments. If you value your time, and as you get older you value it more, this item will save untold hours in tuning either carbureted or fuel injected vehicles.

An extra feature is the ultra-bright L.E.D. red warning lamp that is typically connected to your oil pressure sending switch, although people use them for all sorts of purposes from NO2 activation to high gear indicators at Bonneville. The RSR Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge is also used in many dynos because of its speed and easily interpreted information. The gauge is a standard 2" format, common to automotive instrumentation.

We have included a calculator that shows the relationship of various fuels to one another in terms fuel ratios. At a Lambda value of "1" we have stoiciometry or the point at which the most complete combustion takes place. Values of Lambda less than "1" are richer than stoiciometry and Lambda values greater than "1" are leaner than stoichiometry. You can enter a value for any fuel and the calculations will be automatically made for the other fuels as well a calculation of the corresponding lambda value.

Air Fuel Ratio Conversion Calculator (Lambda = 1 = Stoich)

Lambda (.7 to 1.6) Gasoline : 1 Alcohol/Methanol : 1 Propane : 1 Diesel : 1