X-Mas Tree Practice:Test Your Reaction Time

Nitro Fumes, Bad Ass Dude in Right Lane. Do You Feel Lucky?

  1. Pick the background color you want.
  2. Click on "Start" and wait until the background color changes.
  3. As soon as it changes, hit "Stop".
  4. Your reaction time will be displayed.
  5. Use the keyboard for faster response: Select color with Mouse; hit tab key to move right to select "Start"; hit enter key to "Start"; quickly hit tab key to move right to select "Stop"; hit enter key when color change occurs; hit enter to close response window; Shift-Tab to move back to "Start". Follow above sequence.
  6. Use mouse if keyboard entries confuse you. Just remember this is free and tires aren't.
Change background color to:

For actual NHRA christmas tree practice try RB Racing's Sportsman Tree or Pro Tree. For addtional technical planning related to performance tuning and development visit our calculations page. Whether you are running a turbo, a nitro burning fueler, or a stock machine, you need to know how to optimize your starting line technique.

For actual Timing Light Equipment go to PortaTree.