Autocal.V6 Professional Software

 The Only Fuel Injection Software That Writes Programs for You! Click on photos to enlarge


Other EFI systems are difficult if not impossible to calibrate. Unless the guy who designed it comes in the box with it, you are in for a steep and painful learning curve. It is simply impossible to correctly calibrate thousands of digital points correctly when much of it is incomprehensible, obtuse and downright cryptic. What the hell is a "Time On Gamma" anyway! How much fuel is in milliseconds anyway?

If you know what horsepower you want you can write a perfect calibration. It's that simple! If you want 175 HP at 7200 RPM, you can do it in 30 seconds with 100% accuracy! And you don't have to go to some authorized center or make an appointment for some licensed home-brewed guru to tweak your calibrations. RB RACING has focused on the result because that's what we've built our reputation on...RESULTS! You don't want bullshit or excuses, you want to go fast now!...Not six months or a year from now.

We've put 20+ years of tuning experience and thousands of hours into the software so you can kick ass now and not spend the next year trying to sort out cranking fuel, warm up curves, and asynchronous this and that's. You only have to deal in horsepower and torque using graphical based entries. There is no need to deal in milliseconds, which is a hard concept to deal with as the rpms increase.

You don't have to be an expert to program your motor...and if you already consider yourself an expert tuner, you have truly found heaven!The Autocal Software gives you the power to write a complete program for your Street or Race machine in minutes! If you have a 114 inch motor that needs 150 HP of fuel at 6400 RPM, you can do it in two key-strokes! It's that simple!

In many cases you simply can't test something to it's limits like a 450 hp 139 ORCA motor. The first time you run 25 pounds of boost might be at Bonneville. How in the hell are you going to be sure that 450hp worth of fuel is going into the engine at 6400 rpm? With Autocal.V6 you can be certain. In advance.

To top it off, you don't have to worry about writing a program for your machine at sea level then racing it at 2500 feet elevation on a hot day because your RSR ECU has built-in barometric and temperature corrections that automatically adjust your program for any climatic changes!


RB RACING'S AUTOCAL Software automatically generates:

1. Complex 3D Fuel Curves (3000 to 16000 RPM)

2. Exact Horsepower Outputs

3. Accelerator Pump Calibrations

4. Warm Up Curves

5. Deceleration Fueling

6. Idle Control Calibrations

7. Manifold Pressure .5/1.0/2.0/3.0 Bar Calibrations

8. Closed-Loop (02) Parameters

9. Air Temperature Correction

10. Maximum Power and Idle Torque Curves

11. Maximum RPM Scaling (3000 to 16000 RPM)



The Professional Development Edition requires a fast microprocessor and it is recommended that the program be run at least on a Pentium class computer that still has a serial port, the faster the better. The program uses about 5 MB (5,000,000 bytes) of memory. Even on a 25 Mhz 486 IBM PC you have a lot of waiting to do while the program crunches the numbers for you! Ten minutes for some calculations on a 486 machine versus a few seconds on a Pentium machine.

This version of Autocal provides over 70 graphical displays to aid both prediction and analysis. It allows you to automatically write ECU calibrations for any internal combustion engine on gasoline, methanol, or even nitromethane! It also gives you the ability to import two other ECU calibrations and compare them against each other as well as against an Autocal generated prediction. In addition, the Professional Development Edition allows you to graphically edit a complete ECU calibration point by point with every edit being automatically analyzed statistically for you! You also have the ability to, with the simple push of a button, redraw any of the graphical displays without entering any numeric data...Automatic Curve Fitting routines have been built into the program to speed your editing. It is so easy you won't believe it.

The Professional Development Edition works with the Fuel Program as the Professional Edition performs prediction analysis and editing functions and lets the Fuel program do the direct communication with your RSR ECU.

Simply enter data into 15 fields and Autocal.V6 will automatically write your RSR ECU calibration for any engine whether it's normally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged. Automated curve fitting and calibration that can be changed in minutes for any new engine or combination.

Take a pdf tour of 10 screen shots showing a small portion of the Autocal.V6 Professional Software.

Fuel Autocal Serial Communications

The Fuel Autocal Program is the serial communication program for your RSR Fuel Injection and features:

1. A custom program file for your application.

2. A library of various calibrations for various applications.

3. A 27 page pdf manual explaining every screen in the software.

4. Tuning Cable (ECU to PC).

5. A simple graphical interface that is fast and easy to use. No milliseconds.

6.. Ability to program while the motor is running or "Offline" for later downloading.

The Fuel serial program of Autocal can be run on any IBM PC from 8088 to Pentium and can be operated from a 3 1/2" floppy or from your computer's hard drive. The program takes up about 300K of disk space (300,000 bytes). The Standard Edition is a DOS program and must be run from the DOS prompt and not from within the Windows environment (Win 3.1/95/98 not WIN 98SE/2000).

IBM Thinkpads...Autocal.V6 and Fuel Serial Program

We supply you with a used IBM Thinkpad Laptop preloaded with all our software for both serial Fuel communications and Autocal.V6 prediction and analysis. The units are tested on the RSR ecus we send out so you can get going right away. We have decided not to spend hours on the phone diagnosing computer or software installation issues. For $650.00 you get a fully functional laptop with over $750.00 worth of software already installed. All instructions including your personal ecu files are preloaded and tested on a flow bench.

With Autocal.V6 you can write a program for any engine in a few minutes. With our Fuel serial communications software you can edit your RSR ecu and maintain all of your ecu calibration files.

The Thinkpads come with either 12" or 13.3" lcd screens. All software is preloaded and tested. The laptops come with AC power supplies and our special serial communications cable that attaches to your RSR ECU wiring harness.

Touring Bike?

113 ORCA in a rigid frame. Owner assembled bike, loaded it in a truck, drove from East Coast to RB Racing in California. We spent two days trouble shooting the new bike that had never run, programmed it with Autocal.V6. The owner then dropped off the rental truck and drove the rigid across country back to the East Coast averaging 50 mpg. Not exactly what we would recommend, but in this case it worked out. To knock some noise off the RSR 2-1 Pro Stock we welded on a Pro Stock Spyder muffler.

We didn't even put the bike on our dyno...Just wrote the program and rode the bike a few times. Closed loop, high compression, 113" ORCA with S&S SA B1 heads.

Support Policies

Whether you purchase the Professional Development Edition of Autocal.V6 or simply use the Standard Edition of Autocal that comes with every RSR Fuel Injection System our support policies remain the same. Each system comes with complete documentation and embedded tutorials / text to answer any question. RB Racing gives you the power to totally control your engine's fuel requirements and we preprogram each unit for your specific needs before it is shipped. It is your responsibility to read the documentation and become familiar with the software and tuning procedures. Tuning tutorials and Autocal.V6 tutorials are embedded in the Professional Development Edition of the software.

An IBM Thinkpad laptop is shipped with all software installed and tested.

Our telephone / e-mail support of your initial installation and tuning is limited to one hour on a non-paying basis and is limited to the original purchaser. If you purchase one of our units second hand we require that you purchase our Autocal.V6 Software and one of our RSR Air Fuel Ratio Gauges and will provide one hour of telephonic support to get you going.

There is a tendency not to read or test but simply to pick up the telephone and ask questions. If we start talking "it's time to pay us at lawerly rates" we have found almost everyone "ramps up" and gets the hang of digital tuning with a PC right away in lieu of having to pay for info they should have read in the first place. Incentives, in a negative sense, work.

We offer a training session at RB Racing for $500.00 for those of you who want to really get involved in the process. Some people have asked that we "fly out" to do their installations..the answer is no.

Cart Before the Horse

It is imperative that your vehicle be in perfect working order before the fuel injection is installed because no amount of programming can correct faulty charging systems, dead voltage regulators , shorts in taillights, dead batteries, prematurely worn camshafts, or faulty ignition systems etc. We always recommend compression / leakdown checks as well as ignition timing and valvetrain adjustments before installing any fuel injection.

Something to ponder

Engines burn most efficiently at 14.7:1. People like to autotune some closed loop systems, or just tune non closed loop systems, to 13.2:1. That's 11% more fuel going out the door. You'll never get 50 mpg. Base maps must be correct as transitions zip through dozens of map locations leaving any form of autotuning "behind". Many map locations simply do not get "visited". You need a methodology to get the entire base map correct before any closed loop system adjusts things. Autocal.V6 does this.