RSR Fuel Injection - Harley


 What you see is what you get. A collection of high-quality proven, record holding components. Over a decade and 1,000,000 miles of experience. Bonneville and El Mirage 200mph Land Speed Records. Numerous Coast to Coast runs, Death Valley to Pikes Peak, hundreds upon hundred of quarter miles, dyno runs, turbocharged, supercharged and normally aspirated...This system has done it all. Autocal Software allows you to write a calibration for any size or state of tune engine in a few minutes. Everything is provided for a simple installation. We suggest you take your time and not try to set any speed records bolting it up. Installation requires gas tank removal and installation of special dry-break bypass fuel return port in the bottom of your gas tank. The special dry-break triple sealed valve allows you to remove your gas tank for servicing without having to "pinch off" the fuel injection return line. Your RSR Fuel Injection runs at 55psi and fuel not used by the engine exits the fuel rail to the pressure regulator which in turn returns the unused or "bypass" fuel to your gas tank. The idle air control motor is mounted on the back of the air cleaner and controls your idle speeds under all conditions of operation. You can program your idle speeds with a PC with the software provided. The wiring harness shown in the upper part of the photo is as "bulletproof" as we can make it in terms of quality and protection against solvents, heat and abraision. The 56mm (2 3/16") throttle body will flow enough air for any application.