Pure Race Systems! No Baffles! Sophisticated 12 Degree Merge Collector Maximizes Power

Special right side drive LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Challenge Right Side Drive.  00-1306RSD. A lot of people without Right Side Drive Transmissions say they want this pipe...Well it's configuration is pushed way out to the right for the RSD mechanism and it does not work on any non-RSD bike.

All 00-1306 Challenge designs are bike specific.

2" Sportster Challenge Pro Stock

Customer writes: "Hey guys just want to say thank you for the awesome exhaust system on my bike love it you guys are great. Thanks, Dave."

00-1306 LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Challenge 2" in Silver Ceramic.


Customer writes: "In-house build at Daco. 2007 FXSTC 124" with a great exhaust. Thanks Danny A".

00-1172 LSR 2-1 Pro Stock, B Style, 2" in Silver Ceramic.

80"Stephen Caggiano

Customer writes: " Sorry it has been a couple months since getting the pipe, but been getting the bike back together.
1984 FLH, just finished top end.  GME 80" Shovelhead cylinder and Wiseco piston kit, 5 speed Baker Transmission, and Andrews A2 cam.  Nothing special, definitely not a hot rod requiring a race pipe.  But, I wanted a new, good sounding pipe and ran across a RB ad.  When I saw that it would fit right up, I knew I had to try it.  A little expensive, yes.  A pipe you don't really need for an old stock Shovel, yes.  I went with the Pro Stock. This was the easiest pipe I have every installed and the sound is unbelievable.  Everyone at the bike shop that hears it ask," What is it?" It does the shovel justice.  All that is left is to add the Jim's 3/4" kick start shaft for clearance.  Service was great, don't care what anyone has said, everyone was nice and helpful.  Got my second Pro Stock in the box ready to put on my 2008 FXDWG as soon as I am finished with the Big Bore 103" kit I am installing now.  I can't wait to hear it.  Thanks RB Racing for a great product. Rick".

00-1095 in Double Coat Black Ceramic


Customer writes: "Thanks for the exhaust. Looks awesome! Rick".  00-1306 for forward controls. Silver Ceramic.

Softail Forward Controls

Customer writes: "Beautiful".

Blue Magic

Customer writes: " Love the pipes!"...Darryl.

Customer writes: "I just put the finishing touches on Jeff's 07 FXSTC with an in house 124" motor" 2" LSR 2-1 "B" Style Pro Stock in Silver Ceramic."

S&S T143 with B3 Heads

143 Cubic Inches for your Dresser. Another way to spend $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 to climb the Horsepower mountain. We are making exhausts for these with integral B3 flanges. The exhaust port dimensions are not oem, not S&S SA B1 nor S&S SA B2. Go figure.

We have made custom parts for these T143 B3 ports. Available for the five product ranges we manufacture...Quiet (LSR 2-1 Black Hole) to Full Race (LSR 2-1 Pro Stock). The new two bolt/stud LSR 2-1 B3 Flange is integral, free rotating to the exhaust port. Full 2" I.D. No billet aluminum Butt Plugs or packing you have to replace.

Belts won't last on these 143T motors so we offer chain drive/swingarm conversions for 09 and later Baggers...Developed for our 360 Horsepower turbos.


A few people ask us for baffles in Pro Stock Pipes and we generally tell them "no"...They say they want more backpressure. Well, you never make power with higher backpressure. The real issue is that the atmospheric pressure is 15 psi and it rushes back up the pipe between firing events...that is the pressure you worry about. Pipe length, diameter, cams, fuel and ignition all figure into the events your engine sees when the exhaust valve opens..reversion and scavenging are all affected by these. All of our exhaust systems have welded-in baffles save the LSR 2-1 Pro Stock which  have no baffles. We weld them in all our other LSR 2-1 systems so they never can fly out...and through people's windshields.

If you specify the Pro Stock pipe to have a baffle at the time of order we will machine the heavier wall end pieces and package up a baffle with a new tag and mounting hardware should you decide to try it at some future date. We do not install them.

The 2.250" louvered core flows about like a 1.875" cross section as opposed to the no-baffle 2.375" I.D. of the un-baffled Pro Stock tail section. The 1.875" flow rate will speed up the gas exit speeds a bit...it is not there to "increase backpressure"...it is there to lower the tone a bit and increase the exit speeds which can lower "jetting" figures on carburetted smaller motors. All LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Designs were meant to be run without a baffle.

If you want a baffle for your LSR 2-1 Pro Stock to install at a later date there is a $75.00 charge which includes a new LSR Cloisonne Tag, silicone adhesive for the tag, and new rivets. The baffle will not get past our emblem's rivets so these must be drilled out. The risk is yours insofar as drilling your exhaust and bolting it in. When ordering you must specify if you have a 00-1306 Challenge (short tail section) or a longer length Pro Stock tail section. We are not going to drill our exhausts as we only approve welding in baffles in the rest of our products.

The word "Baffle" implies a muffler or sound reduction device. For sound reduction to occur there had to be a larger internal volume and or sound absorption media to dampen the pulsations and convert these into heat and energy loss. These are not very effective sound reducing devices so do not expect them to be quiet. They do speed up gas exit speeds past the collector and lower the sharp tone a bit.

Hot Rod Todd's Custom M/C Shop

The word is this bike, with it's 2" 00-1306 LSR 2-1 Challenge exhaust, makes 140 hp. That should be enough to get one's attention. As light and fast as it is it's good it has some stopping power. Power to weight ratio is way up there.

Dixie Chicken w/ Baffle

00-1306 LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Challenge in a rigid with full heat shields and a "Pro Stock baffle". Old School...Dixie Chicken. Rubber down, paint up.

00-1155 Street Glide Pro Stock

Customer writes: "First I wanted to thank you for your patience and help. Secondly, here is a short video of the RB Pro-Stock 00-1155 installed on my 2013 Street Glide. The pipe woke the already mod'd engine up (along with the neighbors).  I've got a sh#t eaten grin on me face. Thank you and the boys for a great pipe!! Taylor."

FXR S&S SA B2 Heads

Start out with a stock FXR...Add a lot of money, redo everthing...And you end up with a big horsepower Harley that's 300 lbs lighter than a Bagger and goes like stink and stops. The stopping part is important. 00-1040 2" B Style Pro Stock setup for S&S SA B2 Heads.

Sportster Black and Red

Full custom. Light and Low. Defintely not Cookie Cutter. Love the pedals. Tires stolen from a Buick. Sportsters are Harley's racing heritage.

1st Place

Customer writes: "1st Place Colorado Motorcycle Expo"...00-1306 LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Challenge. While everyone is looking at the girl grab that money on the floor.


On second thought leave the money on the floor and grab the girl....No, on third thought the guy in the Green T-Shirt might have objections to the first two. What the hell...grab something. Go for the girl.

Sportster..Chains and Whips

Customer writes: "This is my RB Racing Pro Stock. I absolutely love the sound. This is my 2000 88 inch sportster, with hog pro wheels. Awesome product and great fitment. Michael"

Low, lean, and clean 2004 88 Inch Sportster. As they say "Belts are for holding your pants up...Chains are for racing."


Customer writes: "Here is a pic I thought you would like. Racing in Bowling Green Ky, 9-29-13. Ronnie."

Light, fast bike...Super D Carb and a 2" LSR 2-1 Pro Stock 00-1306 Challenge Pipe. Hooked up.

Bad Ass Softail

Customer writes: "This exhaust is for real. The fit was impeccable. The sound is mean as hell..The workmanship is like no other. Thank you RB Racing , for being so good at what you do, that's hard to find. Steve W."

00-1306 Pro Stock Challenge with full heat shields.

Pro Stock V-Rod Exhausts

V-Rod LSR 2-1 Pro Stock exhaust with 2" primary tubes and a sophisticated merge collector. Pure race system. 2005 CVO model pictured.

Comes complete with new mounting system. Billet gaskets required. V-Rod owners have been requesting Pro Stock LSR 2-1 exhaust systems. We're always busy so it has been difficult to tool up for these and to evaluate the designs. After testing this is what we determined the optimum configuration was.

V-Rod LSR 2-1 Pro Stock exhaust tucks in tight inboard of the clutch. Three heat shields are available: front, rear and collector.

Sportster Challenge

Customer writes: "Your exhaust system was everything your website said it would be.  It really ties the bike together does it not? Thanks,  James".

00-1306 Pro Stock Challenge.

Customer writes: "Attached are pictures of my 2009 RoadKing with a 00-1306 Pro Stock Challenge W/ 2" primaries. The motor is a 117" W/ SE Hurricane heads producing 143 HP & 141 Torque. Thanks for a great exhaust.

We now have collector shields for the Pro Stock ststems as there are so many of them out there. $50.00


Customer writes: "I need stickers.  Lots of stickers. Or anything else to support the best Exhaust Manufacturer in the entire U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!! I hate that my class is sponsored by Rush exhaust.  Their logo is so primitive."

00-1140 LSR 2-1 Pro Stock

Bad Ass 2004 Fat Boy

Customer writes: "Is it a Fat Boy? Whatever... friends say it is "bad-ass". Well, it has one bad-ass exhaust! Thanks, Jack."
00-1173 LSR 2-1 Pro Stock 1 3/4.

Rocker SE120R

Customer writes: "Attached are pictures of my 2008 FXCWC (Rocker) with your pipes on it.  The engine is a SE120RX which produced 146 HP. Like you give a shit!! Thanks, Butch". 00-1306 Pro Stock Challenge with 2" primaries.

We only give a shit if it goes like shit. With 146 hp it should burn enough rubber and shake the ground hard enough to wake up the Rocker's creator...Willie G.

Customs..Down Under

Customer writes: "G'day here is a pic of my bike fitted with the rb race pipe you sent me the pipe fitted like a glove and as you can see suites the bike. Thank you for your excellent service one very happy customer I have no problem if you want to use this photo for your website once again thank you. Andrew".


Customer writes: "Hi, Attached is a picture of my Custom FXR, using your LSR 00-1306 pipe. Chopper Guys Frame w/3" stretch & 3" longer swing arm. 107" engine, S&S cases with Zippers Billet Heads & Barrells. Wild Things TC-546G cams. FL drivetrain. I'd love to see my bike pictured in your website".
Mark McDaniel
Backroads Custom Cycles

Customer writes: "Hey, I wanted to get you a pic of my FXR with the 124 Challenge pipe installed. I absolutely Love this pipe, and it performs as great as it looks. Thanks for making such a quality product. I will send a dyno sheet after it goes on a dynojet as I only have run it on a Superflow so far to tune it. Thanks again, Jim."  00-1306 2" LSR 2-1 Pro Stock FXR Challenge.

Customer writes: "I thought I forwarded you a couple pictures but when I spoke to you yesterday you asked me for some. I couldn’t be happier with my RB Racing pipe! It has the look AND the Performance! Mated to my 113" motor it Dyno’ed @ 126HP at the rear wheel with 124 ftlb of torque. Everyone asks about this pipe. It was featured in the DEC. 2010 issue of Iron Works Magazine. I wish I had your Fuel Injection system on this motor though."

00-1306 B Style FXR 2" primaries in Silver Ceramic.

120" Dyna

Customer writes: "Here is a pic of my 2005 lowrider with the new pro-stock pipe on it. I am running a jims 120" with 11:1 compression, ported heads and 675 S&S cams. The new pipe really gave me the low to midrange torque I was lacking with the existing 2 into 2 system i was running. The pro-stock looks awsome and sounds great! Dave".

C&S Speed Shop with a 00-1306 LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Challenge. Don't forget, Choppers are way, way, lighter than that 850 lb CVO Sled you just spent all your money on, and ones like this are set up to go and can really kick some butt. Besides they are elemental and appeal to the animal side of our nature...Like Randy Newman sings:

Hate New York City
It's cold and it's damp
And all the people dressed like monkeys
Let's leave Chicago to the Eskimos
That town's a little bit too rugged
For you and me you bad girl

Rollin' down the Imperial Highway
With a big nasty redhead at my side
Santa Ana winds blowin' hot from the north
And we as born to ride


Customer writes" "Sorry it took so long to get you this pic .I love it . Just the sound I wanted and I don't know but it seems this bike is scaryfast .This is a very special 1 right here .Thanks Dan."

SE 120R Engine

New 120R Engine for Baggers and a new AHDRA racing class...another way to get your money now that V-Rod Destroyers are old news. Think of all the early adopters who went 95/103/110 and now they can go 120". Stimulus money! If you want one in your bagger and want a full race system then our LSR 2-1 Pro Stock is about the only way you can get your maximum power as it's fully proven in competition on engines from 165 to 195 hp.

You will also need our billet gaskets, billet flanges and snap rings, heat shields, and an extra set of our special exhaust stud nuts.

As all the mythical lemmings head off the cliff we might remind them that a S&S SA B2 126" engine is rated at 154 hp and John O'Keefe at Branch O'Keefe has been working S&S SA B2 heads for big inch Sportsters, S&S 124" motors and getting 166 to 200 hp depending on compression. Of course you could get one of our turbos but the extra 100 to 200 hp might be too much power for you.

Customer Comments

Customer writes: "Hello!  Got my pipes Saturday.  Much lighter than the old D&D Fat Cat.  Yes, weight is still a factor among older, serious bikers.  Fabrication, welding and chrome are excellent.  Began installation at Perley's Cycle Shop in High Point, NC.  Perley is a long-time friend and riding partner, member of Thomas family of Thomas Built Buses.  He and I are the types who will think for an hour before attempting a twenty minute job.  We envy those people who installed these pipes in twenty minutes.  LOL!  Used sanding drum in female pipe to keep pipe from binding in collector resulting from excellent chrome build-up.  RB's suggestion to use the black sealant is important as this lubricates the initial fitment.  Noticed increased ground clearance over D&D, I won't be riding on the collector anymore while leaning right!  Also, easier access to transmission filler.  Fired it up!  Oh, yeah!  My Harley sound is back.  Anyone hearing it will not have to guess what it is.  Took a short ride before rain.  Surprise!  This pipe makes less noise while cruising than the baffled Fat Cat.  I always hated the Fat Cat sound at full throttle.  It was very irritating, like the sound waves would get way back in the small parts of my ears and make those little hairs vibrate.  After a warm-up, noticed increased smoothness at all RPM's.  Gradually rolled on throttle wide-open in first gear.  Felt the increased power as bike came on cam and prepared for front wheel to get air.  Tire broke loose so hard it was almost like I hit neutral.  Bike never did that before!  Got back to shop and now Perley wants one for his California Custom.  I am convinced that as far as my bike is concerned 90% of the pipes out there are junk as far as enhancement of performance.  This pipe has everything.  Noise level is not a problem, much better than the baffled collector!!??  Will be sending y'all a pic of bike when weather clears. Have a great holiday season,  Mike Phipps  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  P.S.  Perley asked me where were the instructions.  I replied that RB Racing expects his customers to be intelligent enough to install a set of pipes. LOL!"

HP to Weight Ratio

Customer writes: "RB Racing, I am attaching a photo of the RB LSR 2-1 pipe on this 05 Sportster that has much engine work . Pipe turned the bike into a real power house especially mid rage and RPM rev-er! Sure fooled a lot of Harley So-Called Big Bike owners! That 1200 cc smoke-ed  um!"

00-1306 Pro Stock Challenge. 

1999 Sportster 1250cc

Customer writes: "Thank you for the exhaust your shop has made for me. I had been searching for about a year before I made the decision to go with your pro stock exhaust. I spent the entire winter of 2009 installing a 1250cc kit with ported Buell thunderstorm heads from NRHS along with a set of Screamin Eagle .536 cams. It was the perfect finish to my engine rebuild. In my mind, It sounds exactly like a motorcycle should. The torque is phenomenal and standing behind the motorcycle, you can hear a clean, throaty burn that just screams power. Thanks again for the excellent product. I am recommending you guys to everyone interested in an exhaust. I will try and post my dyno results when I get it tested. John."

00-1224 LSR 2-1 Pro Stock for forward controls. Dyno...we don't need no stinking dyno. Just ride.

2008 Dyna

Customer writes: "Hello. I just wanted to say THANKS for a KICK ASS pipe. I am running a 110ci with hi comp, Moto Headz Racing heads, Woods cams and HP Inc 58mm body. After a quick dyno it pulled some great #s 130.1 hp and 139.9 ftlbs. Thanks Mike."

00-1329 2" LSR 2-1 Pro Stock in chrome. Eats rice burners.

124" Twin Cam in a 1992 FXR

03-1040 2" B Style LSR 2-1 Pro Stock in a 1992 FXR Chassis. Wob's Cycle Shop did the deed. FXR's rule...or as they say at Elvis' Place " FXR or Die".

121 TP and Ape Hangers

Customer writes: "Hello once again, here is another customer of mine that is enjoying the benefits from your exhaust pipe . Bike is a 1998 softail that has been customized through the years with a 121 TP motor. Customer mostly enjoys the top end the pipe produces and the one of a kind sound. Thanks for posting the pics everyone loves it. Thanks Dave.Wob's Cycle Shop Wall, NJ."

00-1040 B Syle LSR 2-1 with 2" Primaries.Who needs deodorant when you've got ape hangers...a thin coating of road grit is safer then smearing Aluminium zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly under your arms. Then again, the girls like things that smell nice...Get out the deodorant and the cologne. Nasty looking thing isn't it?

Customer writes: "Hello and I was asked by you to send some pics when I had the LSR 2-1Silver Ceramic 124 Challenge pipe installed on my 2004 Big Dog Chopper. Well, they run great and here is the picture as promised." Allan.

150 Hp Bagger

Customer writes: "Here is a pic of my 98 road glide with a S&S 124 B-2 head engine (see SA B2 pictures below) and your LSR 2-1 Pro Stock 124 challenge pipe. The bike is 250i dyno tuned to 150 hp and maximum torque. This pipe is my 3rd pipe I have purchased from your shop, the other 2 pipes were LSR 2-1 C style and the sound and power these pipes make are number one. I honestly don't know why anybody would buy anything else. I will run RB Racing pipes as long as I ride. Thank you for such a awesome product.......Randall".

125 MPH Quarter Mile...Shovel with Bags

LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Shovelhead 00-1382, 2" C Style....and you thought your Twin Cam was fast.

FXR Pro Stock C Style

Customer writes: "Here are a couple of pic's of my 1982 FXRS Shovelhead, which & installed your Pro-Stock pipe on. Love to see it on your site! Btw, pipe is AWESOME! Thanks...Bob". 00-1097 in Black Ceramic.

Shovel...Later On

Customer writes: "Heres an updated pic of my Shovel. You guys have the "old" version on your Shovel page. This is what happens during the long Pennsylvania winters here when I get bored. Just a few beers and a cut off wheel and I'm good to go. The pipe is still looking like new and making great power. Keep up the great work! Dave."

More Pro Stock..86" Stroker

Customer writes: "What can I say, a bad ass pipe for a bad ass Shovel. I have had this bike for 25 years and it was built 15 years ago: 86 c.i. S&S stroker S&S Super E carb, and a Crane Fire Ball cam. It always ran pretty good with straight pipes. I thought about a Thunderheader but I would have to modify it to fit, then a friend told me about RB pipes, I saw that they made one for an FLH that fit right on and it f#%#kin fits nice looks great, It isn't even dialed in yet and guys with new 96in baggers are on it to keep up, It put new life into an old bike that I love to ride. Thanks guys. Frank"

00-1095 in chrome.

93" Shovelhead..Old School

Customer writes: "Here's a pic of your pipe on my Shovel. Its a 93 inch S&S stroker kit, 514 cams, Super E carb. The fit, chrome and workmanship on this pipe are fantastic, Im very impressed. If anyone askes how this pipe sounds you can tell them its all Harley. Its deeper and stronger sounding than ever. Whats really impressive is how hard the bike pulls from 3 grand to about 6000 RPM. The time between gear changes is much quicker than when I ran drag pipes. I have some sorting out to do with the carb which I expected. The only bitch I have is how long it took to get the pipe!!!  The mounting bracket you sent needed to be reworked and spaced out but thats no big deal. Anyway, Im very pleased with the pipe and will be looking for one for my wifes softtail in the future. Thanks, Dave"  

It's a miracle we still make these. Lucky it's short term memory that goes first. 00-1094 Chrome Pro Stock 1 3/4" B Style. It is fun to outrun a new Twin Cam bike though.

Customer writes: "Greetings RB Racing Staff. I am sending you a video ( no longer online) as well as a huge thank you. I was in the market for an after market exhaust for my father's 1977 FLH Shovelhead. I had no real idea that there aren't many options for the older bikes. I searched through miles of internet junk until I came across your brand on a forum. I had never heard of the RB Racing product before so I quickly became interested after visiting your web site and seeing that you had exactly what I would need. I sent one question in an email and got immediate feedback. I settled on the 00-1097 C style in a Titanium finish.

The research I had done had me a bit concerned over the amount of time it would take to get my pipe after ordering it. I ordered in the first week of November on the web site and was hovering at a month when I sent an anxious email. Lynn got back to me that day with the tracking number telling me the pipe was on its way. It arrived December 14th, which worked perfect because my Dad's birthday is the 15th. Probably the coolest birthday present he has opened in a long time.

I'm no mechanic. So when we took off his old straight pipes and started with the install on this I was a little skeptical. I was so happy when we had the new LSR's on in about 20 minutes! The gaskets fit perfectly, all the bolts and brackets were a tight seamless match and the system is on so tight that you could stand on them. The research and design put into this system is outstanding. I had figured we would have to do some adjusting with the rear mount for the simple fact that nothing goes on without some issue. There was no issue, snag, or any sort of problem.

 The video is from March 7th. One of the first real sunny days here in Connecticut. We have not had the chance to put any real mileage on yet. There have been a few trips around the block to get a sense of how the system acts. I was surprised to notice that when you are riding it has a smooth, subtle rumble. With the pipe being behind the ears it makes a big difference rather than having the front pipe on a standard system right below you. But make no mistake, the pipe is LOUD! Down shifting and letting off makes that thing bark to no end! Awesome! The performance difference was noticeable as well. There is a much quicker response at the low end which gets the RPM's up quick. The bike is fairly built as it is so this only helps it be a super sleeper.

I can't wait to see the looks it gets when we do get out this season. Who has a Titanium pipe? Who knows about RB Racing here in CT? We do. And we are going to be spreading the word going forward.

 Again, Thank you for making such a superior product. We will be enjoying it until that bike runs no more. Mat"

S&S SA B2 Bonneville Porting

Whenever we do something serious like our 139" Bonneville ORCA motor we defer to the experts, especially when we are dealing with raw, unfinished ports the size of a dime. Branch O'Keefe is simply the best in the business and even Jerry Branch (retired) got involved in the decision making. Take a look at some ports that about 90 years cummulative experience came up with. All John O'Keefe and Jerry Branch asked was what we thought the exhaust ports should be like in terms of flow based on our 30 years of turbocharger experience. We all agreed on a number and this is what the result was. Ports for 400+ horsepower.

John does the Bonneville (see middle of page) porting of our S&S SA B2 heads. Quite a few baggers are going 124" with SA B2 heads...John has pushed these out past 200 horsepower normally aspirated, winning horsepower shootout contests and running hard at Bonneville. He knows how to improve them which is why we asked him to work on ours. We make special exhausts for the S&S SA B2 heads with their raised ports and four bolt shallow pocket configuration. John has pushed his B2 porting past 200 hp.

If you want the best cylinder head work for your Twin Cam, Evo or even Shovelhead contact Branch O'Keefe. That's what we do and have done since 1976 when Jerry prepared our cylinder heads for the 24 hour Endurance racers we built and took to the 1977 Bol D'Or in France. John O'Keefe knows you don't want "down time" so he has an exchange program for cylinder heads. Harley has made a lot of changes in their castings and it's best to go with Branch O'Keefe as differences in machining, alloys, and specifications can cause problems if you deal with porters who don't have the inventory and the experience.

John does not have "homing pigeons" like other outfits where seats come loose, the work is sloppy, or cheap valves that stick or gall are installed. He treats every head they produce as if it was his own. Sort of rare these days.

103" Porting and Pistons...Stock Heads

John O'Keefe of Branch O'Keefe has 103" kits for late model Twin Cam engines. Stock 103" engines from Harley make maybe 80 horsepower. This just doesn't cut it. Branch Specifications: Larger inlet and exhaust valves; .060" decked cylinder head; compression releases; new valve guides; racing valve springs; flowed inlet and exhaust ports; forged lightweight pistons contoured to match quench style combustion chamber; and BP-600 Branch camshafts. Not a bad idea to get a matched, proven, combination.

We've ridden a few of these and they work well. Compression is about 10.7:1. A lot of guys are going with the 103" engines.

2" Shovelhead Pro Stock

We hand make all our LSR 2-1 Pro Stock systems but a 2" Shovelhead requires a lot more work. Sort of an odd request, but this one is for a long term customer of ours who has set numerous records with Shovels with our exhausts and is now planning to go to Bonneville with a built 113". The pipe is a 2" LSR 2-1 Pro Stock 00-1381 and is headed off for a Silver Ceramic finish. Customer runs a ported Super"D" with Thunderjets and a ram air system.

You can't get a 2" pipe at the ports as we can on our other systems so we have to "bell" the 1 3/4" into the 2" primaries. Front primary slips and the exhaust is designed for the taller engine. The customer asked for O2 ports so we installed them. We do not sell "raw" systems.

On all Shovelhead pipes, including this 00-1381 Chrome 2" Pro Stock, the front primary tube is a slip fit. We do not offer heat shields for Shovelhead designs.

The front primary tube has an Oxygen Sensor Port as we have done for over 20 years. You can use a RSR Air Fuel Ratio gauge to monitor ant set your carburetor's fuel mixture.

2" Shovelhead B Style (FX)

00-1382 LSR 2-1 Pro Stock 2" Shovelhead for stroker FX series. Headed for Silver ceramic coating. Old iron, but fast old iron. We do not sell "raw" systems.

1 3/4" Shovelhead Pro Stock

93" and "Bad to the Bone" with Branch O'Keefe heads. Shovelheads are back and they will surpise many a Twin Cam owner. Old School is new school. LSR 2-1 Pro Stock 1 3/4" 00-1097 in chrome.


Customer writes: " Your pipe freakin ROCKS! I got it delivered to the shop...6 hours after it was supposed to be there(PLEASE, FIRE FEDEX, their 'Ground' service sucks!) Since I helped out a bit in the shop, I got everything done for $60 to include a pair of 'stock' exhaust flanges. My big fat thick SS flanges would not fit, but it's cool.

We got the pipe on, and everything mounted up with loctite and Ultra Black right nice. 'American Heat' looks real good wearing it. Fired it up, and all I could say was,"WOW!" My buds and I call it LAF!, or Loud As Fuck! Yeah, it was inside the shop. Outside as I left, it just sounded real good, like it should have. Out on the road, holy shit, it went like a scared cat when 'American Heat' came on cam and went full song. Front wheel comes up in each gear from a dead stop(and a 3000 rpm launch).

I gotta say, I am always looking at the Silver like I should have got Black, but shoot, it looks freakin SWEET! I LOVE IT! I attached some pics for you guys. Thank you for making this special for me. The slight upsweep really looks good. Maybe in a few years or so I will be ordering my next one depending on when I build my bobber. I am set on an S&S Flathead Power Knuck, but it will have to have a chrome LSR but with the requisite Fishtail at the end to fit the look of a 1947 Bobber just right. Once again, THANK YOU! YOU GUYS ROCK! James".

00-1140 in Silver Ceramic.

EFI and LSR 2-1 Pro Stock


06' Dual O2 Sensor Systems / RSR Air Fuel Gauges

Since we have been doing RSR closed loop fuel injection systems for Harleys for more than 17 years and have been putting O-Sensor Ports in our exhausts for over 20 years, we have dual O2 ports for the 06 models for our full range of exhausts. Our RSR Air Fuel Ratio Gauge is the best investment you can make for these.

All LSR 2-1 exhausts can be ordered with two O2 ports. Actually O2 sensors are a really neat item. We should know, as we have a lot of experience with them. Tuning strategies are different and there are a lot of things that can go awry if you forget about temperatures, pressures etc.

Pretty soon Harleys will all be watercooled then you really won't be able to tell the difference between Milwaukee and Hammatsu. "The Man" will be sniffing your butt and planting microchips and gps modules up your ass so they can mail you a speeding ticket and keep track of your movements. They already have data recorders on your car so they know what you were doing when the biggie happened. Brave new world.

New Exhaust Tech Section

We have given a bit of an overview on the design of Harley Davidson exhaust systems for those who have questions about primary tube length, tube diameters, collector design and the pulsations and wave timing in a V-Twin engine.

Pictured above is 00-1306 LSR 2-1 Pro Stock 124 Challenge pipe. Available with standard port (2 stud) or B2/SA (4 bolt) cylinder heads in silver ceramic, black ceramic, SS Titanium ceramic or in chrome finishes. Specify chassis/transmission for appropriate mount system. This one is getting a Silver Ceramic coating. We do not sell "raw" systems.

Lynchburg Harley-Davidson has been getting 135hp and 145ft/lbs of torque on 117" TC88 street motors with these exhausts. 124" S&S engines have been dynoed out to 165hp in street trim.

Customer writes: "Dear RB Racing: Ray here, just wanted to send you a picture of my 05 Sportster with your LSR 2 into 1 Pipes. I have 2500 miles on them and no problems. They sure sound great and turn my 88" NRHS built motor on.  Thanks for making a great looking and HP producing set of pipes.  Ray". 00-1233 in SS Titanium.

Sportster 2" Challenge Pipes

00-1306 Sportster LSR 2-1 Challenge Pro Stock Exhaust with 2" primaries. This one is getting a Silver Ceramic Coat and being instrumented for a RacePak Data Acquistion sytem with EGT probes as well as with our O2 outputs. We added two 1/8" NPT nipples for the thermocouples and two 18mm O2 sensor bungs. We do not sell "raw" systems. Tuning is done with our RSR Air Fuel Ratio Gauge.

Drag Bike

Customer was switching from Duals on this stroker Sportster drag bike. Stroker Sportsters have taller cylinders and we have special jigs for them. Here a 2" Challenge is being trial fittied prior to Ceramic finishing. The bike is light so it should do well.

Customer writes: " Just sending a couple of pix of new exhaust that I received Friday. It fit great. One question I had ...Do the billet gaskets get used by themselves or with another gasket? Please clarify this for me. I also want to order an extra set of these gaskets. Thanks again. Gary". Pipe was coated in Silver Ceramic. We do not sell "raw" systems.

You must use the billet gaskets and remove the OEM woven ones. No silicone sealant is required, just a metal to metal seal. The Billet Gaskets do not wear out.

Show and Go 2002

Here is a picture of my 02 Fatboy, 1-3/4" C style Pro Stock. This pipe was a great addition to my bike. I have more power down low, and the hesitation I had off idle is completely gone. In short, this pipe ROCKS! I absolutely love it. The fit, finish, sound and performance are second to none. My bike has a Branch O'Keefe 95" kit consisting of #4 heads, JE 10.5-1 pistons and Branch .595 gear drive cams. This is not your average build and it wouldn't run very well with an average exhaust. Thanks guys for GREAT, FAST service and a wonderful product. The only thing I don't like about it is all my buddies are wanting one LOL.." Thanks again, Daren.

LSR 2-1 Pro Stock 00-1070.

Big Inch LSR 2-1 Pro Stock

Customer writes: "Hi. Attached are pictures of a 2001 Dyna Glide with RB Racing LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Pipe on a 124" motor and a 2006 Street Bob with RB Racing LSR 2-1 Challenge Pipe with a 117" motor. Pipes work awesome! Mike"

Sportster 1 3/4" Challenge Pipes

Customer Writes: "Hello, I attached a couple pics of your pipe on my bike. The craftsmanship is second to none, the bends, welds, and merge collector is a thing of beauty. My power seems to be much smoother and past 3500-4000rpm it really kicks in. You definitely have my endorsement!! I'll get some better pictures for you and if you want to post them on your site I would be honored." 

"I got the pipe; I was pleased with the packaging. The fitment was precise. My first run I shaved .07 off my time, now a new personal best. I am very happy and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to go faster. But I will warn them of just how much faster the revs turn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Faster revs mean I am moving that much faster as well. I now need to play with my shift points."

It's a 04 1200 R Sportster w/ a 18"x5.5" v rod rear wheel, chain drive, and tokico 6 piston rear caliper.
Thank You" 00-1306 Sportster Challenge pipe in silver ceramic.

Wind in the face, redlining the gears, ripping the air, acceleration pushing your fingers into the grips, front wheel light hitting the bumps...fuck Disneyland! E-Ticket in a cookie cutter world.

Soon To Be...Ralph

Ralph's toy. Destined for an LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Challenge system. It takes time and money, always more than you planned for.

Sportster Challenge...Ralph Running

Acceleration. Power. Lower moment of inertia. Traction. Try to cheat the wind. Beat the other guy....get the trophy. Early on we chase the girls and can't afford to chase the trophies. Later on we chase the money, dance with the Devil, and, if we're lucky, get the trophies. Hard to do both at the same time. It's never easy. Some people do both and the rest of us take pictures of them. Ralph.

2" Sportster Challenge

Hot Rod Sportster in a rigid frame. Never enough time for your own projects as you have to make a living. They get done eventually. Hot Rod Todd.

S&S B2 Heads

ORCA Motors use big valve S&S Special Application B2 heads mated to the Closed Loop RSR Fuel Injection .

Four bolt flanges and special fixtures designed for the raised ports. O2 port on front cylinder standard. Second O2 port on the rear cylinder optional. 00-1306 2" LSR 2-1 Challenge pipe for an 113" ORCA motor pictured above.

If you have a very tall motor like a 145" S&S with the B2 heads we have to lengthen up the primaries by lowering them for the taller engine. S&S uses these in their Dyno testing and on thier "Mule" test bikes. How ere make the front pipe is a bit of a variable due to chassis differences. Some aftermarket frames like the Chopper Guys FXR will have additional clearance for the front tube.

TC Softail

Customer writes: "Love the pipes!!  Just got'em dialed-in, rolled on the throttle in 2nd gear and broke the tire loose! (I mean it BROKE LOOSE!! Never did that before!) Made me very happy! Love the sound nice cruising and obnoxious when you rip on it,the way it's supposed to be. They really fit good,no problems about 2hrs. to install. Really want to THANK YOU for everything. Motor was puttin out 104hp. & 98 tq. on the dyno. When I dyno it with the new pipes I'll give you the #'s if you want. Could not be happier!!, Thanks again,  Randy W."

00-1306 Pro Stock Challenge with 1 3/4" primary tubes in chrome.


Customer writes: " Got your pipe yesterday and this morning I installed it without any major problems. The fit is very good and the plating is the nicest I've seen ever. The bike sounds like a bike should; throaty and powerful. Compared to my V&H header, the RB unit comes on sooner and pulls till redline with no flat spots. When I dial in the carb it will be just awesome. It's damn close right now. Thanks again for putting the final touch on my 80 inch asphalt eater. Al "

00-1068 Chrome LSR 2-1 Pro Stock.

Busa Beater...Chrome Buffalo

Customer writes: "This is Mike D. in Georgia.  This is a picture of my bike, The Chrome Buffalo, which you asked for.  I have not dyno’d the bike yet, but I can tell you she is evil...once I got the clutch straightened out.  This is a TP 121 #58 that has been re-built to 2007 specifications (new heads, oil pump, cam, etc.)  The only problem I have now is putting the horsepower on the ground.  Love the pipe, we at the shop decided to not put the chrome heat shields on.  The sound is unbelievable, and definitely a head turner when I come through.  There is nothing like seeing the jaw wide open of a Hayabusa owner who just got blown away in a 1/8 mile run by a Harley."

RSD Pro Stock Challenge

Customer writes: " RB racing: Here are some pics of RB Racing pipes on a custom bike I just finished. It is a Pro Street Frameworks FXR style frame with a 114" TP motor (yeah one of those billet motors) and a custom open primary. Had fun building this one, will talk to you about a motor for the next one. Love the pipes. Thanks, Doc"

00-1306RSD LSR 2-1 Challenge pipe in chrome. 2" Primaries.

Not So Mellow Yellow

00-1306 124" Challenge Pipe, Chrome, 2" primaries. Whitewalls with some balls. You can run the "B" style pipe if you space the floorboards.

Customer writes: " Thanks RB Racing for your tremendous exhaust pipes...the LSR 2-1 Pro Stock 124 Challenge pipe. I used all the top brand exhaust systems from Bassani, Rineharts, Thunderheaders to Vance & Hines Pro Pipes. None of these pipes even came close to making the power your LSR 2-1 Pro Stock 124 Challenge pipe made! Keep up the great work!"

"My bike is a 2001 Fat Boy with a 124 cube FI motor with T-Man Heads and Cams built by T-Man Performance. 165.38 Horsepower and 158.16 Ft Lbs of torque. Torque peaked by 4500 rpm and the horsepower was going straight up when we shut it off at 6000 rpm!"

If you do a little thinking you can see it will be back in the torque when you shift. Makes it easier to pull the next gear. Transient acceleration is what wins races. Watch it on Video.

S&S Twin Cam Oil Pump

If you are running one of these and want a "C" Style Exhaust for your Twin Cam engine let us know as we have a different type "C" Style exhaust that fits these pumps. If you are running a normal cone then there are no fitment issues. Our regular "C" pipe goes up close to the original cone. In the case of the S&S pump pictured above we have to route the rear pipe differently due to the "block" shape.

"B" Style pipes are unaffected by the S&S Oil Pump design.

2005 Champion

Joe Boyd won the 2005 AHDRA S&S Super Stock Western Division Championship with his 00-1306 Challenge pipe on a 113" motor. The pipe dropped his E.T. three tenths...or maybe it was the track, or maybe it was his tuning. Who the hell knows? But he won, and that's what counts. Congratulations to Joe and his crew. We all try hard. It's all we can do.

2006 Champion

"Hello to Bob, Lynn and everybody else at RB Racing. Thanks for the awesome 124 Challenge pipe it kicks some serious ass. 2006 AHDRA season we won the Western Super Gas Champion Ship running your pipe on a TP 113 for 2007 we will be running a TP 124, and from testing this bike is going to be fast!!! I can't figure out why anyone would run anything other than a RB Racing exhaust. Go figure. Anyways Thanks for the pipe, you guys rock.... Joe Boyd"

Actually the pipe is just a small part of the puzzle. Buying one won't make you a champion. We might have something new for Joe in the Spring. It's just another part of the equation. For those of you who don't drag race we would just remind you it is a brutal sport. The smallest hesitation or error and you are on the trailer. Sort of like in the Army and the Drill Sergeant reminds you there are two types of Bayonet fighters..."The quick and the Dead".

Baggers Get Air

Danny Arnold, Doc's Harley Davidson writes: " Thank you guys for the Challenge Pipe for my Bagger. It works! Better HP and TQ numbers than ever before. I was able to trim time off my ET and had better MPH. My bike is an 02 FLTRI with a 107". It's my daily rider and is the #1 plate holder with the AMRA in the D Class and is also the record holder all the way across the board thanks to you! Thanks again."

RSD Pro Stock Challenge

Right side drive. LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Challenge. 00-1306RSD.



Jeff Richardson (see contact info above) works 24 hour days to build bikes like these. Matador red, like waving the flag at the bull. One-off customs that you can ride daily. "Fat Ass Toys" as Jeff calls them. Electrics that work and a ride that won't leave you stranded. LSR 2-1 Pro Stock that Jeff had high temperature coated locally. Arlen who?

Softail 124 Challenge Pipe

00-1306 Challenge pipe on a 124 " S&S motor. Customer loved the pipes then bought a stupid set of billet heads with non standard ports. We only make these pipes for standard ports or S&S Special Application "B2" or "SA" heads. Stay away from the billet crap. We don't custom make these for stupid heads.

Hard Tail Challenge Pipe

127" rigid with a 00-1306 Challenge pipe with Silver Ceramic finish. Black rubber streaks in the asphalt jungle. Old school rules.


LSR 2-1 Pro Stock - 12 Degree Merge Collector - No Baffles

Focused power! The smoothest internal construction of any 2 into 1, without any baffles, bumps, shelves, or sharp turns. Hand-made merge collector is expertly heliarced and just as smooth on the inside as it is on the outside. These are real formula one stuff for your 1908 air pump and don't have any baffles in their 2 1/2" diameter tail section. Don't ask us for baffles because we won't put them in there as the i.d. of the tail section is optimum as it is. These are special animals for high compression, high horsepower engines that will rip the the air like a P-51 Mustang under full boost. We make these in both 1 3/4" as well as 2" primary tubes in both "B" and "C" style variations for most models...Most of them end up on high compression big inch motors (the far side of 100 c.i.) in a 2" B Style, typically on an FXR chassis. If you need a 3/8" offset for your wide tired Kenny Boyce creation or if you have some 3/4"taller cylinder arrangement be sure to tell us before you order. If you want to make more power you simply have to run one of our LSR 2-1s.

Pictured above is Wellesley and family of Lynchburg Harley Davidson. Pipe is a 00-1127 2" Dyna Pipe. Another picture of the bike is lower in the page. Yes, they actually do get raced. No, they just aren't another custom pipe with a racy name.

Mid Peg B Style

Mid peg Dynas and FXR's can get tight with brake pedals, frame bosses and peg mounts. It seems we were always making adjustments over the last 20 years to account for changes in oil filter location, clutch cables and oem engine case changes. Evos, Dynas and aftermarket variations of these two.

Customer writes: " Excellent product, great fit, great looks, great function. I will be ordering for my Fat Boy and other scooters. Thanks" 00-1126 in Silver Ceramic.

Road Glide

LSR 2-1 Pro Stock in Silver Ceramic on a Road Glide.

Customer writes " Hi, sending a photo of the Pro Pipe installed on my Road Glide. (Purchased pipe through Heritage Harley Davidson, PGH, PA) Love it! PLENTY OF GOOD COMMENTS! Thanks for a great product! PS - I know that dyno numbers don't mean everything, but here they are for a 95c.i.: 107.5 Hp 105 Torque."

RSR Air Fuel Ratio Gauge installed on the Road Glide. Indespensible for tuning and monitoring your fuel system for optimum performance and economy. Waterproof and dims display at night.

B Syle Softail (Titan)

Probably the best time to look at one, when they are parked. Otherwise they are all go. 00-1068 LSR 2-1 Pro Stock with heat shields.

New 145" S&S Tribute Systems

We have been asked by S&S to provide LSR 2-1 systems for the 145" S&S Tribute engines. We have tooled up to produce three versions for the Dyna and FXR style transmissions. It does get complicated however.

If you have a very tall motor like a 145" S&S with the B2 heads we have to lengthen up the primaries by lowering them for the taller engine. S&S uses these exhausts in their Dyno testing and on their "Mule" test bikes. How we make the front pipe is a bit of a variable due to chassis differences. Some aftermarket frames like the Chopper Guys FXR will have additional clearance for the front tube.


LSR 2-1's Bonneville,Dyno &Track Proven

If you want to make power on a multi-cylinder engine you have to use a collector system. Whether it's a V-Twin or a V-8 it's the same, and no less an authority than the famed engine builder Smokey Yunick will tell you that. Not using free exhaust energy to help your engine breathe is downright criminal. No matter what the conventional wisdom is, staggered duals on a Harley will not make more power. You simply cannot escape the fact that a properly designed 2-1 will give you more useable torque where you need it, in the 2000 to 4000 rpm range, which means less downshifts and less rpm to get the job done. A set of short staggered duals at peak rpm can be made to produce good power but they will be dead on their ass until they get there, whereas an engine developed around an LSR 2-1 exhaust can be made to perform from the bottom up with no dips in the torque band!

Baffling Alien Discs and Aluminum Butt Plugs

Our testing has shown that the Harley V-Twin is extremely sensitive to back pressure which is why 2-1's that use small or restrictive collectors don't breathe well, and why restrictive baffles shut the motor down. Disc type baffles are good for spark arrestors on dirt bikes but they have no place on a big inch V-Twin. You don't make power by adding restrictions to your exhaust system whether it's a bunch of stainless discs or some damn piece of aluminum billet machined into a Harley butt plug! Ever wonder why they had to put a hole up the center of the discs? Well, one reason was the discs are so damn restrictive you have to have several pounds of them to get enough flow through their waffle shaped passages. Good mufflers, but they have nothing to do with performance and they sure as hell do not create vacuum as has been claimed. When you get confused by all the bullshit simply ask the following question.." Do they run them in NASCAR or in Formula One?". Nope, they run straight pipe collector systems without any stupid discs or aluminum butt plugs.It's always funny how when the money is on the line, all the little things like discs, billet caps, anti-reversion flaps, reverse megaphones and other such nonsense somehow don't make the field.

Anything else isn't "Pro", just prophylactic

If you look at any other "pro" or "king" self-proclaimed winners of the typewriter wars, take a close look ar their collectors and their tail sections and imagine yourself being propelled at 5000 feet per minute past your exhaust valve headed for the Honda Goldwing you just blew by at 115mph! On your LSR Pro Stock you get a rocket boost out of the gate when you hit our CNC machined turbo venturi...On the other pipes you either run into a jagged weld or some necked down piece of torky-porky poor engineering. Headed for the collector on your LSR Pro Stock you can see the Goldwing, so you point your toes anticipating a maximum velocity exit to freedom...On the other pipes your asshole puckers and your mouth goes instantly dry as there are a barage of aluminum butt plugs, stupid discs 90 degrees to your path, and an assortment of flat airfoils and anti-reversion tank traps waiting to rip your guts out! Get the picture? This isn't rocket science. Just build a clean system with a gentle smooth flowing collector and the rest will take care of itself.

Pictured above is a TC88 big bore from HD of Lynchburg...138hp. Part Number 00-1127 2" B Style. Street bike that races. Pro Pipes like certain combinations. Contact HD of Lynchburg to find the right combination for yourself.


"Dear friends at RB Racing,

Just installed my new LSR 2-1 Pro Stock pipes on my 120ci Merch with a 6-speed Baker transmission. Haven't had a chance to Dyno Tune yet (the best Dyno guy in town is swamped just before Sturgis). But I can tell you one thing even without having my motor Dyno Tuned it fucking RUNS like a striped ass monkey!

I've had Python-3's, Hooker, Thunderheader, two different types of Vance & Hines and the RB Racing pipes are THE BEST pipes out there! I can't believe the increased horsepower ( and I am sure torque). Without measuring on the Dyno machine yet I am screaming out to 90 mph in seconds. It blows my mind!

And the sound, oh God the sound. My motor is finally breathing like it should and your pipes are the reason why. All the power junkies that ride with me are drooling, they can't believe it either. I can't wait for the Dyno results but right now I am packing for Sturgis. This 120ci mean mother is ready to roll 90+mph from Omaha to Sturgis.

THANKS RB Racing for a tremendous product. You guys know your shit and the dynamics of exhaust theory. Thanks again! Know the rules, bend the rules, think 500 miles ahead.----- Steve "WFO" Kendall "

"The lady I placed my order with asked me to send a picture of my bike once we mounted the exhaust, I told her I would. The finish on the exhaust was flawless. The fit was perfect. The bike sounds better than it has ever sounded and runs better than it has ever run. I couldn't be more satisfied. My brother, who is not easily impressed, was equally impressed. He didn't like the look or the sound of a 2-1 exhaust until he seen and heard your Pro Pipe. Thank you for producing a far superior product, it was well worth the wait. "

Shreveport Chapter


Customer writes: "The pipes arrived Friday. They fit and look great. I will send a better picture when the bike is completed sometime in August. Right now it is painted with Primer for initial assembly. The bracket you sent is also going to work. Can't wait to start it up and see how it performs and sounds. Thanks for getting them here quickly."

00-1050 C Style, 2" LSR 2-1 Pro Stock in Silver Ceramic. TP 121" motor with a 250 rear tire. After painting and detail work here is the finished bike. Pretty hard to make it any leaner or cleaner.

Customer writes: "The craftsmanship and fit of this header far exceeds anything I have seen in this industry. (14 years)". Silver Ceramic 00-1306 Challenge pipe on a rigid.


00-1233 Rubber Mounted Sportster Custom. 1 3/4" primary tubes into merge collector. For more details on Harley Exhaust Technology visit our Tech Page.

Customer writes: "I've done installation of my new RB Racing Pro Stock couple hours ago, and ridden several miles around town. I just Love them. On Wednesday I'll do Dyno and jetting, I guess gonna be Wow. !!! Thanks a lot!!!!"

S&S Cases .250" wider than stock with a 100 Inch 4.00" x 4.00" combination. Brach heads and serious horsepower. Pipe clears brake pedal and tucks under master cylinder at a 45 degree angle. Pipe is set up for two oxygen sensors and is about to be sent out for a 2500 degree, dual coat ,semi-gloss, black ceramic finish. We do not sell "raw" systems.

Special order 2" LSR 2-1 Pro Stock 2" Sportster Challenge pipe 00-1306. The bike belongs to Paul of Branch-O"Keefe Co. the famous firm, Branch Flowmetrics, founded by industry legend Jerry Branch. In 1977 Jerry ported the cylinder heads for our 24 Hour Endurance Racing bikes...things come full circle. 132hp.

00-1224 in Silver Ceramic. All the way from Cyprus. Very clean bike.

B and C Styles...Click on photo to enlarge


The "B" style is pictured on the left and the "C" style is pictured on the right. For some applications the LSR 2-1 Pro Stock are only available in one of these configurations. For example, if your bike has floorboards you have to go with the "C" style where the rear pipe turns downward before the nose cone.

00-1126 B Style, mid peg, Dyna TC88 with 1 3/4" primaries in Black Ceramic finish.

Bonneville Proven

 LSR stands for Land Speed Record and that means only one place...The Bonneville Salt Flats, the Great White Dyno. We have the only gas powered street legal bikes over 200 mph and we're damn proud of it. RB Racing doesn't race typewriters, we race motorcycles and when someone says they get a 70% gain from their system, ask them for their 200mph Bonneville Records or any records for that matter. Hell, if we raced typewriters it sure would be a lot easier, not to mention cheaper.

We place an LSR tag on each exhaust system we make so they can be easily identified. Every now and then over the last twenty plus years someone decides to copy one of our designs, usually because some customer is very happy and he "stirs up the pond". They copy the general look but not the features that make them work. The tags eliminate any question about whether it's an RB Racing design or not and allows people admiring your bike to know the pipe's origin. The tags have proven to be very popular and have been used since 1992. Every now and then someone asks us to not place the tag on their system to which we answer..."send us an affidavit certifying that you have removed all manufacturer logos from your tires, engraved Performance Machine logos from your brakes, Mikuni or S&S identifications from your castings, Harley identifications from your gas tank, Nike logos from your tennis shoes etc. and we'll consider it". The last guy we let talk us out of this was getting his bike in Hot Bike magazine and said he'd give us "credit" for a one off pipe we designed. When the magazine appeared on the newsstand all we saw was "computer designed pipe by Sands Racing". That was the end of that.

New Cloisonne Tags

Like in the adage "The relentless search for perfection" we have upgraded the logos we put on our LSR Exhaust Systems. Previous tags were stamped and formed aluminum with silkscreened details. The new cloisonne tags are a precision die struck brass, nickel plated, with powdered glass fired in an oven then polished to a jewelry finish. These are direct replacements for our older tags and are available for US $25.00 postpaid via US Global Express (foreign) or Priority Mail (domestic US). They come with black headed rivets and are riveted in place with a light coat of high temperature silicone (Permatex 598B) behind the tag.

Turbo Venturis

All RB Racing LSR Exhaust Systems feature our "new" (we've been quietly doing it since 1985!) CNC machined Turbo Venturis that actually "scavenge" to help your motor breathe. Machined from billet, these allow full 2" flow and eliminate the phony restrictions that other 1 3/4" to 2 1/4" pipes have at your exhaust port.

Pictured above is an LSR 2-1 Pro Stock C style (J) with 2" primary tubes, part number 00-1050. The bike features a Chopper Guys frame with a 121" TP Engineering motor with a 5/8" offset.

Our competitors must think you won't notice that they neck their 1 3/4" to 2 1/4" pipes down to as small as 1 1/2" to mate them to your exhaust ports. RB Racing's Turbo Venturies are expertly heliarced to each primary tube eliminating any internal obstuctions and insuring the maximum flow from each exhaust port. RB Racing won't build phony performance pipes...We sure as hell won't ask you to port your heads, put in bigger valves and a high performance camshaft then stick a bunch of stainless steel discs or machined aluminum butt plugs in the pipe to restrict the flow! And we damn sure won't put some silly "1950ish" reverse megaphone pipe with internal flat plates, baffles and air foils to screw up your performance. Our pipes make anywhere from 6 to 18HP over these stupid designs.

LSR CNC Machined Gaskets Mandatory

Our CNC machined Turbo Venturis are not compatible with the "bowl-shaped" late model OEM exhaust port gaskets and require early style "flat" gaskets for the LSR Exhaust Systems to both fit and seal properly. The narrow machined flat face of the Turbo Venturi must seat against a flat suface, not the bowl-shaped late model gaskets. Using the LSR Exhausts in combination with the wrong gasket will cause misalignment, inability to tighten the provided close tolerance aircraft nuts, and will force the bowl-shaped gasket into the exhaust port. The correct gaskets to use are: Harley OEM 65324-83 or Drag Specialties DS 174742.

Mandatory for a nominal charge of $ 9.95 are a pair of our LSR CNC machined gaskets which mate perfectly with our Turbo Venturis. These are proven in over 16 years of use on our race and turbo applications...the only gaskets that will stay in a turbo bike for 25,000 miles! These gaskets prevent any gasket "creep" into the exhaust flow and are one more thing that will give you "an edge" on the competition. We always wondered why people would port their heads, put in bigger valves and then squish the gaskets into their exhaust ports. We bet you never paid attention to what was going inside your exhaust ports for one very simple reason...you can't see what's going on in there once the pipe is tightened! The LSR CNC machined gaskets also insure perfect alignment of the exhaust system. Most fitment and alignment problems are traced to using either the wrong type of gasket or using old gaskets that have taken a "set". We've always used these on our race applications and it's time everyone who's concerned about performance should do the same.


RB Racing LSR 2-1 exhaust systems use either one or two slip joints depending on the model. We suggest you put a coating of Permatex 598B ULTRA BLACK in the slip joint. None of our slip joints use any clamps because then they wouldn't be slip joints anymore. The inner pipe gets hotter that the outer pipe and they grow into each other and form a tight seal. The 598B is a non hardening gasket material and will prevent any leakage from condensation that forms in the pipe and, with the usual carbon particles, will actually seal better over time. It also makes the pipes easy to take apart later on. Get a tube before you install your RB racing exhaust system.


All LSR 2 into 1 exhausts require special close tolerance aircraft nuts to bolt the LSR Turbo Venturis to the exhaust port. Standard 5/16" x 24 hex nuts will not fit. Each exhaust comes with the required four nuts. It is recommended that you order an extra set (4) of these nuts, part number 00-1001, when you order your exhaust.

O-Sensor Port Standard

All RB Racing LSR exhaust systems come standard with a machined and heliarced oxygen sensor boss just below your front exhaust port. This port is designed to accept and oxygen sensor (18mm x 1.5mm) which will allow you to use our RSR Air/Fuel Ratio Meter to tune and monitor in real-time your air/fuel ratio. Also, if you really wish to get 55mpg and kick ass, our RSR Fuel Injection's closed-loop heated O-Sensor will plug directly into this port.

Custom Made for Your Application

Every LSR Exhaust is custom made for your particular application. We can handle offsets for wider frames and even build "taller" pipes for those applications that have cylinders that may be 3/4" or more taller. No wire feed bubble gum welds! All LSR Exhausts are fully heliarced for the cleanest possible appearance. It takes five times longer and is much more expensive but it is the best way to do it. All motors are not the same size, so we offer all our exhausts in both 1 3/4" and 2" sizes as well as step header 2 1/2" LSR Nitro Duals...We are the only manufacturer to do this! Your new 100+ inch motor shouldn't be choked off with too small a pipe! Pictured above is a Confederate with a 120 Cubic Inch Merch motor with our LSR 2-1 Pro Stock 2" part number 00-1195.

Self-Tuning Myth

People have the idea that closed-loop systems are completely self-tuning and that they are going to sell you some add-on gizmo that will automatically tune your efi bike. This is a crock of shit. The truth is that every engine is different and, in the Harley world, difference is the norm as there are limitless engine build combinations.

In Detroit, Japan, or Germany, they spend thousands of man-hours developing base maps for their automotive applications. On top of these base maps goes the closed-loop feedback mechanism controlled by mathematical equations or algorithms that govern exactly how the closed loop operation will function. These base maps are not written so the vehicle will run perfectly without feedback i.e. maps are not designed for open-loop operation. The strategy for closed-loop operation is different as fuel requirements under different climatic and altitude differences can be as much as 30%. Unless the base map is constructed for the particular application, the O2 feedback mechanism will not work properly.

OEM correction schemes allow only very slight learning corrections or they will "throw" an error code. They do this for a very specific reason i.e. if things are going wrong, which is indicated by the system trying to correct out of bounds problems, then a sensor or something else is wrong. They are not designed to make large swings to correct calibrations that are way out of bounds.

Beyond Stupid

Some add-on boxes for late model O2 sensor equipped oem Harleys eliminate the O2 sensors altogether. Why in the hell would you want to take a self-adjusting, sophisticated system and turn it into a gas guzzling low mileage dumb efi system? Beats the hell out of us and, since we make closed loop efi systems, we do have some experience in this area.

You bike should be left in closed loop, tuned in closed loop and monitored with O2 displays in closed loop. Correction factors defined in the oem code cannot be exceeded. Maps have to be rewritten for the changes to the bike so thje base map is in agreement with the oem algorithms.

Phone Sex and Remote Tuning

In some sort of logical disconnect a few customers call us up wanting us to tune their bike over the phone and then become increasingly indignant when we tell them it just doesn't work that way. Now, we spent the better part of 14 years, starting in 1976 working on carburetors, jetting, needle design, and even designed and marketed a flat slide carb for the Harley market. Thousands of man hours representing about 5 months out of every year were devoted to jetting issues. It got to be a real issue i.e. it was an interesting experience to define what the correct air fuel ratios should be, experimentally figure out how to measure them, and then deal with tuning die cast critters, often modifying them with extra circuits etc. but, in the end, it was temporal and an endless loop that did not exactly pay the bills.

We did learn how to make things run well, not that anyone appreciated it. It was fun to watch people try to beat you when they couldn't. Knowledge. Hard work.

For the last 18 years we've been working on and manufacturing closed loop fuel injections systems for Harley Davidsons and have set numerous Bonneville, El Mirage and Maxton speed records and won drag racing championships with them. We spent over 3000 man hours writing and perfecting Autocal.V6 prediction and analysis software for our RSR Fuel Injection systems. Why did we spend 3000 man hours? Well, we didn't plan on it, and it's a good way to flirt with insanity, but we saw no other option as digital efi requires hundreds of decisions, all of which are intertwined. No more brass jets. Exponential combinations. Changing points, one at a time is sheer insanity. Progress comes with increased complexity.

These days all Harleys are closed loop fuel injected with a single throat throtttle body and are speed density Delphi systems, all very complex. It's the same formula we decided on 18 years ago. The only thing we suggest is that you use O2 signals to monitor and tune the system as the sensors are millisecond accurate and must be monitored at the exhaust port where temperatures are high and as far away from the outside oxygen rich air as possible. We suggest you use software, not hardware, to adjust your system using our RSR Air Fuel Ratio Gauges and keep your bike off of the dyno until the lights in these displays tell you your mixture is correct. Engines operate in a very narrow realm of air fuel ratios. If you want to go to the dyno after this...fine.

Just don't call us breathlessly demanding we tune your bike over the phone.

Screaming Eagle Super Tuner...SEST

"SEST" or Greek for the worst written instruction manual we've ever seen. We defy you to figure out how to get various charts and graphs to open and how to get to the advanced versus basic tuning options. We suggest you look around the internet as the manual is of little help.

We bought one of these to see what was involved. If you can figure out the software navigation issues and install a map that somewhat matches your bike, you simply ride around, observe the RSR Air Fuel Ratio Meter display and make edits. The tuning is fairly straight forward. Without the Dual Gauge we don't know how you would do it. We just ride.

Steve Cole's TTS MasterTune


Before the Screaming Eagle Super Tuner (SEST) there was the SERT or Screaming Eagle Race Tuner. Acronyms, what would we do without them? Steve Cole was the guy behind the SERT until Harley decided to go with another contractor. Money. It's always about the money. Since Steve designed the original stuff, this new stuff i.e. TTS MasterTune is easier to use and has one benefit that the "SEST" does not have...You have the ability to save and restore your original calibration. In addition with the Green Analog Interface Model you can log up to four analog channels like Wideband Sensors.

We prefer software solutions to tuning late model efi Harleys and not use any add-on boxes or to replace the entire system with some "self-tuning", throttle-angle based, wide band controller. There are simply too many problems technical-wise with wide band sensors...Stuff they do not tell you about like pressure and temperature compensation issues and sensor latency. You are better off with the OEM O2 sensors. You won't believe this but that's your problem.

One point no one is going to tell you is that Harley has hidden tables that will richen up your injectors if you hold the bike under load, like on a dyno or wide open throttle for any amount of time beyond "x". They don't want you to fool with this. Guess what happens to those people who tune under full load.

We've used both the SEST and the TTS Master Tune. Both work about the same with both based on VE Tables. The TTS MasterTune is a more friendly system and has more features. 

USB Tuning cables must be purchased separately. Three versions are available: Specify Cable Number when ordering.

(1) Part # 2000014: 4 Pin J1850 (older bikes). $42.50 list price.

(2) Part # 2000011: CAN 6 Pin Cable Kit (newest bikes). $42.50 list price.

(3) Part # 2000014A: 2014 Touring models Only. CAN 6 Pin (have different pin allocations). $42.50 list price.

The Total Cost for a single bike TTS Master Tune (Blue) is $445.00 (tuner no cable). The Total Cost for a TTS Master Tune (Blue) Two Bike Programmer is $645.00 (Tuner no cable).

The Total Cost for a single bike TTS Master Tune (Green) is $595.00 (tuner no cable). 

A PDF Tuner Guide explains the operation of the TTS software.

In the late 70's, all through the 1980's and into the mid 1990's we used to spend about 5 months out of every year tuning things. No time for that anymore. It's best that you tune your own bike...add up the hours and write yourself a hot check. Or just pay somebody. We use a Supeflow CycleDyn Dyno and we ride in the real world.


Whenever you look at an exhaust and see it caked in black soot you know the bike is not running or tuned correctly. Back in the mid 1980's we did a carburetor development program for Keihin Corporation for their 41mm CR Race carbs on both Shovelheads and the new Evolution motors. When we were finished the bikes got 56 mpg cruising and 46 mpg if you ran them harder...and after 500 mile tests the pipes were perfectly clean inside and the exhaust ports were dead clean.

If you take the exhaust system off a modern Closed Loop BMW, as we have, you will find them dead clean or whitish inside. Harleys should be the same.

We always ask what mileage people get from their "tuned" or modified Harleys after "Dyno tuning"....The universal answer is 37 mpg or less. If they don't know, we ask them if they have to gas at 100 miles. Most do.

Once a customer bought an exhaust from us and took his bike to two different dynos in search of the "117 Hp" he was looking for for his 103...He got 110Hp. After pissing and moaning we told the guy to give us our exhaust back and we found it caked in soot. So much for tuners and their tail pipe sniffers that see lean reversions...They just kept adding fuel. You tell the customer to put on our RSR Air Fuel Gauge to monitor the mixtures F/R in the real world...No, they want a "Dyno Tune". We have dynos...we know what they do and can't do.

Logic plays no part in people and their toys. EFI is complex...put in larger injectors and all of your warm up, synchronous and asynchronous fueling is out the window, Brave new world.

No soot.

New Dual O2 Meters

For EFi sequential injection our new RSR Dual Air Fuel Gauge displays the fuel mixture in both the front and rear cylinders separately. The gauge is housed in a hard anodized round enclosure in a standard 2" format with a 2.250" bezel, center back mount, with a 5/16" x 18 stainless socket head cap screw. The gauge will show fuel ratios from 17:1 to 12.0:1 (or richer). The gauge is visible in daylight and automatically dims for nighttime operation.

Scale is, left to right, lean to rich: three greens, three yellows, two orange and two red l.e.d.s.

The white arrow indicates the maximum power mixture, the second orange light, which is 13.2:1. Transitory enrichments should not, if the engine is warm (>200F Oil temp), go past the first red light. Readings at the far right side of the scale, the second red light, are simply too rich. Proper closed loop operation will cycle back and forth from green to orange around the center of the display.

It is simply the best way to evaluate the tune of your motorcycle and saves valuable dyno time. Mounted permanently. Waterproof.

Compatible with OEM narrowband sensors. Compatible with all Touring Models through 2008 model year. In 2009 and 2010 Harley shifted their ground reference points so contact RB Racing if you are ordering a gauge for these model years as they are different. Far right photo shows gauge in dim light conditions at maximum power setting.

Wideband O2 Meters

We also have Dual O2 meters in testing for Bosch LSU-4 wideband sensors. They will be available as soon as we complete a production run. Same easy visual reference. They tell you if you are getting maximum economy, peak power, correct acceleration enrichment, and if you are either too rich or too lean. Waterproof. Harley-proof.

Mounts....Roll Your Own or Buy One

Three degrees of freedom. Supplied with longer bolts for triple clamp or headlight mounting. Stainless bolts. Or get creative and roll your own. Could be as simple as one hole or a flat strap with two holes. If you want one of these they are $24.95. Part Number 06-1024. For single or dual O2 meters.

Torque and Ruby Slippers

People get pissed at us when they ask for "numbers". We always tell them we "don't know" because after nearly 33 years of tuning and racing and designing we have seen too much and done too much to give any placebo answer. In fact it always depends on the bike and the tuner. No two bikes are alike. Maybe your bike was built on a Monday and they left a coke bottle in the gas tank (old Detroit wive's tale)...Some bikes are faster than others. Everyone believes their bike is "faster". It depends on the tuner and, these days, the bikes are more complicated. People change from chain to gear drives. They put on different cylinder heads. They switch cams. They add on tuning twiddle boxes. They tune, or the "shop" tunes. They "dyno" the bike...maybe even somebody rides the bike with instrumentation like our RSR Air Fuel Ratio Gauge.

People call us up then hang up when we tell them we don't know what their "gains" will be. We don't publish self-serving charts. We just take all the experience we have and build the best parts we can. People end up happy who buy the parts because they are well made and are designed to perform. We make different tube diameters and offer a wide range of systems for any particular bike so you will maximize your potential. There is no "One Size Fits All" at RB Racing.

People who don't buy the parts because we won't coddle them with assurances go elsewhere where Aunt Em will tuck them in and tell them what they want to hear.

LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Brackets

Rubber or rigid we have a complete mounting solution for your bike. We see lots of combinations, from stock to offset customs and can provide mounting solutions for most applications. For some pipes like Shovelheads we give you a piece of steel strap and tell you to fake it. On the Shovels there is a slotted bracket heliarced to the back of the pipe that is just outboard of mounting points on the frame...two quick bends and two holes and you're done.

Note: All LSR exhausts require the use of the OEM flanges and circlips. The Harley part numbers for these flanges and clips are: 65328-83 (exhaust ring clamp) and 65325-83A (retaining ring). S&S Cycle SA or B2 (145" Tribute) cylinder heads require four bolt flanges which we provide and are part of the pipe assembly captured by or Special Application Venturies.

FXR: There are FXRs and then there are aftermarket FXRs like Kenny Boyce frames and a variety of "Rubber Mounted" pro street and quasi-Softail designs. For all of these we provide a 1/4" steel plate that bolts to your transmission. The bracket is slotted to allow for variations in engine mounting and has a selection of dowels that take into account the different transmissions available. The bracket attaches directly to the back of the LSR Pro Stock pipe, which has a slotted bracket heliarced to the pipe. The bracket does not interfere with billet aluminum swingarm pivot mounts like those on Kenny Boyce frames or other aftermarket pivot mounts.

FLH/FLT/Road King: Transmission mounted. 1/4" laser cut steel plate dowel mounted. No oem brackets are used. Remove oem brackets.

DYNA (Evo): Transmission mounted. 1/4" laser cut steel plate dowel mounted. No oem brackets are used. Remove oem brackets.

DYNA (TC88): Transmission mounted. 1/4" laser cut steel plate dowel mounted. No oem brackets are used. Remove oem brackets.

Softail (All): Pipe bolts directly to frame via 3" wide heavy steel "Z" bracket. No oem brackets are used. Remove oem brackets.

Evo Sportster: Tubular steel bracket replaces oem bracket (all rigid mount models). On 2004 models we supply a transmission bracket that attaches to the steel stamping that supported the mid part of the rear pipe. On 2004 models remove the large oem bracket which requires the removal of the rear final drive cover aft of the transmission. #30 Torx required to unhook rear brake rod. PDF for Rubber Mount Models.

Chrome, Silver Ceramic, or Ceramic Black Finishes

Chrome or Ceramic: All chrome is full automotive grade duplex nickel, triple plate; Ceramic Black finishes are a two layer process with an underlying alumina ceramic covered with $200.00 per gallon semi-gloss black. "Black" pipes are fully polished as if they were to be chromed to remove any surface defects, then are blasted, ceramic coated, baked, tumbled, cleaned, shot with black semi-gloss ceramic paint and then baked a second time to complete the process. We've tried everything you can think of and these are the best finishes.

Both ceramic finishes can be polished or have scuff marks removed by using Mother's Aluminum and Magnesium Polish.

Newer "Turbo" Black Ceramic Finishes

We have a lot more people looking for durable ceramic finishes and we think we have the best finishes on the market. In the late 70's and early 80's we tried all sorts of coatings and paints and even used porcelain on some of our products in the late 1980's. The newer ceramic finishes are tougher and we use both Polished Silver, and Semi-Gloss Black to complement our usual chrome offerings. The newest "Turbo" Black finishes are a dual coat process that gives additional protection against scratches and nicks, providing two barriers against corrosion.

In 27 years we have tried all sorts of black finishes: Kal Gard, VHT, Techline, and others. We also in the mid 1980's we even tried porcelain for awhile. It chipped and the heat distorted the parts. Most finishes will not survive over a long period unless they have a base coat to cushion rock strikes and scratches. The surface has to be perfectly prepared and most applications can fail if run too soon at elevated temperatures as they are typically baked at 450 to 500 deg F whereas the cure takes place at around 750 deg F. Lower temperatures will not cure the resins and they will fail once the bike is run. To get around this dilemma we have found the best solution is a 2500 Deg F Ceramic cushion base coat and a secondary Black Semi-Gloss finish on top of this.

"Turbo" Black Ceramic and SS Titanium finishes are therefore the most expensive as they involve a triple process. First the parts are polished to remove any tooling marks.Then the parts are zirconia media blasted to prepare the surface. Then parts are cleaned. The parts are base coated with a 2500 Deg F ceramic and baked. After this process they are tumbled to burnish or harden the surface.

If the parts are to be Black are first lightly abraded and then are sprayed with a second ultra high temperature coating and baked a second time. The 2500 Deg F base or cushion coat adheres to the metal very well and provides insulation and corrosion protection. The black is a thinner coat and provides the smooth, dark black, finish we require.

Satin finishes scuff too easily so we do not use them.

The Semi-Gloss finishes can be cleaned with soap and water and scuff marks can be removed with Mother's Aluminum and Magnesium Polish.

It's the Airflow That Limits Things

RB Racing LSR 2-1 Exhaust systems are now available for S&S Cycle Special Application "SA" heads with 2 inch diameter primaries. The standard SA exhaust valve is a whopping 1.75" diameter (B2 heads are 1.800") with a special (non standard) exhaust port configuration. These are the best production castings going with their raised inlet and exhaust ports. Oh, you can fool around with the usual porting bullshit, but you'll end up where these castings start out in terms of cfm. Progress is progress and year to year the only horsepower gains come when you make the cylinder heads more efficient. The problem with the SA heads is that nothing fits their four bolt pattern and the shallow non-standard pocket is decidedly bigger than anything sitting on the shelf...stock flanges need not apply! S&S figures you are going to fab your own exhaust so they provide a machined spigot that slips through the four bolt flange. The idea is that you get some springs and make up a slip joint and go creative...this doesn't work on street chassis.

Flanges and Turbo Venturies for S&S "SA" and B-2 Heads

Compare the oem size exhaust flange on the left that is used on "billet" motors with the "SA" flange on the right...get out your calipers and see what's holding these other motors back. RB Racing is familiar with these four bolt critters as we use them in our 113" RSR Fuel Injected ORCA motors both turbo and normally aspirated. For our 113" ORCA motors we use cnc machined special Turbo Venturis that capture a laser cut four bolt flange and are in turn heliarced to our 2" LSR 2-1 primaries. The Turbo Venturis flow 8 to 12% more than a straight section pipe. 

If you have a set of these "SA Heads" and want a specific exhaust be sure to tell us at the time of your order. Adding an "SA" suffix to a listed part number will do the job. Remember they are only avaiable for LSR 2" primary designs. Pictured above is a silver ceramic coated LSR 2-1 Pro Stock for a 113" ORCA.

S&S 145 Tribute Exhausts Available

We custom make LSR 2-1 Exhausts for the taller 145" S&S Cycle Tribute motors that are designed for DYNA style transmissions (Ness or other frames). Specially machined Turbo Venturies, 2" primary tubes, square four bolt flanges (no gaskets).

If you have a set of these "B2 Heads" and want a specific exhaust be sure to tell us at the time of your order. Adding an "B2" suffix to a listed part number will do the job. Remember they are only available for LSR 2" primary designs. Earlier "SA" heads and the 145" Tribute engines have different exhaust port seat diameters, so be sure you specify which heads you have.