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Turbo System with RSR EFI

One of the last of our RSR Closed Loop EFi Systems we will be shipping. We started this closed loop efi intercooled turbo stuff back in 1989 and set all sorts of speed records and won drag racing championships..All pretty much on our predictive programming with very little input from the customers. Our RSR EFi systems went on bikes that were carbureted or scratch built race bikes. We were way,way, ahead of the curve.

Packed into two heavy duty boxes with laptop compter and all hardware for overseas shipment ...90 lbs.

The last 4 years we have been testing and racing with high-end Cosworth Pectel SQ6M electronics at Bonneville.  These systems have a very steep learning curve with over 8800 programmable functions and tens of thousands of entries. Since few of our customers understood our EFi, which was dead simple, even when we wrote the programs for them, going to a more sophisticated system will be interesting. These will only be going on scratch built bikes with Single Cam EVO Orca motors or 32-2 Crank Triggered motors with no OEM electronics. Complete control of all functions in one black box.

We have turbo systems for the OEM EFi Harleys 1999 to present.

13 More Milwaukee-8 Acronyms

Street Bob: FXBB [107]
Low Rider: FXLR [107]
Softail Slim: FLSL [107] Floor Boards
Fat Bob: FXFB [107] / FXFBS [114]
Deluxe: FLDE [107] Floor Boards
Sport Glide: FLSB [107] Bags
Fat Boy: FLFB [107] / FLBS [114] Floor Boards
Heritage Classic: FLHC [107]/FLHCS [114] Bags; Floor Boards
Breakout: FXBR [107] / FXBRS [114]FXBB

Add these 13 new bits of alphabet soup to your memory bank to impress your fellow riders.

These new Softail models have different exhausts than do the  M-8 Dressers and have no relation to the EVO or Twin Cam Softails. M-8 Engines are taller, the ports further apart, and whereas the M-8 Dressers are rubber mounted, the new Softails are not. We have specialized exhausts for all the M-8 Softail models including newest the M-8 Sport Glide (bags).

New LSR 2-1 M-8 Turn Outs and Slash Cuts:  New Part Numbers and Prices  . Pictured above is a M-8 Dresser exhaust temporarily installed on a M-8 Softail. Turn Out Rotated over 45 degrees. One of our dealers wanted to get ahead of the tuning curve on the new Softail FLSB so we sent them the above Dresser pipe so they could do some tuning... 107 hp and 124 ft/lbs of torque.

The FLSB requires a different exhaust that we did not have ready at the time as the FLSB had just come out. We now have specific exhausts for The M-8 Softails...for our full product range.

Shown above is the 00-1306 LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Challenge on the 2018 FLSB. Softail pipes are not the same as our Dresser exhaust systems for the M-8.

New M-8 Softails are available in our full product range.

LSR 2-1 Turn Out and Slash Cuts
LSR 2-1 Pro Stock  and Pro Stock Challenge models
LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Spyder
LSR 2-1 Black Hole

All have Milwaukee 8 Softail systems have 2 Primary Tubes with 12mm and 18mm Oxygen Sensor ports.

We supply Laser Cut powder coated Mounting Brackets for both saddlebag and non-saddlebag models. 

No stock OEM exhaust mounts are used. Billet Flanges and clips, Billet Gaskets and extra mil-spec exhaust nuts are required.

165HP @ 9 PSI Boost... 95 Cubic Inches


Torque is the game..Take it to 4 or five psi of boost, short shift, and do it again...80 mph instantly. Or, if the handlebar adjustable boost control knob is set at 9 PSI, get 165 hp now. Torque allows you to effortlessly roll-on and pass that line of Semis, or leave the other bikes behind. RB Racing Turbos.

Perry on his 95" Twin Cam with his OEM Delphi controller reprogrammed with RB Racing's 236hp Injectors (9 gram/sec).

New Indian Chief LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Exhausts

New Indian Chief LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Exhaust Systems.

The Indian Chief is a "from the ground up" interpretation of the classical V-Twin, kept alive for over 100 years by Harley-Davidson, the sole survivor. In 111 or 116 cubic inch formats it's short on horsepower and long on clean sheet engineering. Indians are here to stay this time around after several aborted attempts to revive the marque.

Beautiful paint and chrome and true "Indian Heritage" styling it's a more modern interpretation of the classical V-Twin...This time around with three camshafts and some pushrods as straight as an Indian's arrow .

The OEM exhaust has little in the way of performance tuning. We've got that covered with a pure merge collector LSR 2-1 design. Maximum benefit with Stage 1/2/3 and larger throttle body (60mm) modifications past 130 horsepower.

Prices are on our Part Number Price Page. We build to order. Payment at time of shipment. Dual Coat Black Ceramic or Silver Ceramic with a choice of black or chrome heat shields.

Homeless Specials

Follow this link for specials on some LSR 2-1 Exhausts.

Diana Sterk Photography

We run into all sorts of people along the way in this go-fast game...Some good, some bad, some interesting, some we'd like to forget. We met Diana on a Race Project, since ended. She is definitely interesting and creative.  Check out Diana's Photography on Facebook and her Smugmug page... Bikers, Harleys, C&W and Hard Rock Bands, Nature, Horses, Old Cars,  The Homeless, Architecture...whatever catches her eye.


Diana's photography graces International book covers and National magazine covers as well as Idaho travel magazines and Internet sites. You have to have empathy to capture the soul of the subject. When Diana hits the road she documents what we can see if we only pause and open our eyes and hearts.

We have her photography on various pages of our website...some things we never saw when they were staring us right in the face.

Bosch Motorsport Ignition Coils


These are the Bosch Motorsport Ignition Coils that we use in our dual-plugged Turbo ORCA motors. We stock these along with the specialzed connectors. ORCA motors use two 12mm racing spark plugs per cylinder for bore sizes 4.000" to 4.375". We trigger these with a Cosworth Pectel SQ6M ECU, programming four separate spark maps, each with 25 x 25 sites, for a total of 2500 ignition points. In terms of keystrokes to enter this data...a bit shy of 12,500 keystrokes. No one said this was going to be easy. We use Champion 662 / A59C resistor racing spark plugs, which we also stock.

New Branch Ported S.T.D  Dual Plug EVO Heads

These S.T.D. heads are stronger than OEM Harley heads and are better suited for turbo use. Stock heads are prone to cracking around the spark plug in turbo use.We had Branch do a 99cc chamber and dual plug the heads. These are no longer made and are very rare.

If you were to use them on a turbo they would require 20cc domes. We purchased the heads brand new for an 80" EVO Turbo project and had them ported by Branch O'Keefe. New Branch valve springs and valves were installed.

These are available for $1,435.00 with Free Shipping to the lower 48 states.

New RSR Wideband (Bosch LSU4.2/9) AFR Gauges

RSR Dual Air Fuel Gauges for the 18mm Bosch LSU Wideband Sensors (20:1 to 10:1 AFR) are in production. IP67 waterproof in billet enclosures these have our 10 L.E.D. interface that tells you at a glance if your AFR is Stoichiometry (14.56:1) or peak power ratios of 13.5:1 or 12.5:1...and ratios of 11.5:1 or richer.

You cannot divert your attention to watch a digital gauge and try to read, or remember, spooling numbers. You need hysterisis at a target ratio that can be interpreted at a glance whether you are dodging cars, or going 200 mph. We just provide the AFR Gauge, not the Bosch Lambda sensors.

The white arrow indicates maximum torque and power. Easy to see at a glance at full throttle.

 Left to right 10 L.E.Ds going from lean to rich: Five Green lights, Two Yellow lights, Two Orange lights and one Red light. These display the range 20.5:1 to 11.5:1

The two Yellow lights L-R are 15.5:1 and 14.5:1 (Stoichiometry)
The two Orange lights L-R are 13.5:1 and 12.5:1 (Maximum torque and power)
The Red light is 11.5:1

Part Number 06-1026. PDF Instructions.   $295.00

I was sleeping in Class


Running from the man...Panheads forever. Who the hell cares about laws anyway? You're an outlaw and laws regarding sines and cosines just don't figure into the picture. Well, get out your tape measure and enter some numbers. Stay away from the chalkboards and that money you were going to pay your rent with is better spent on a new set of tires. The road beckons.

RB Racing offers over 40 free online calculators to figure out all sorts of things like rake and trail, compression ratio, camshaft data, boost, airflow and horsepower requirements and many others. All free online at click on the "Calculations" link above.

236hp and 328 hp Injectors

RB Racing Bosch High Impedance Injectors rated at 236 hp or 328 hp at a duty cycle of 80%.  Used in our Harley Turbo Kits and in big inch motors. Direct insertion into stock fuel rail/throttle body. Two or 3 Bar Map Sensors required with Delphi or aftermarket ECMs.

9.3 Gram Injectors (236 hp @80% Duty Cycle): Come with 20 gauge 22759/32 Mil-Spec Wiring Pigtails. $295.00 (pair). 03-1014. In stock shipping.

12.9 Gram Injectors (328 hp @ 80% Duty Cycle): Come with 20 gauge 22759/32 Mil-Spec Wiring Pigtails. $395.00 (pair). 03-1015. In stock shipping.

Real World Tuning Package...While you ride..Not on the Dyno

When you order a complete LSR 2-1 exhaust with the RSR Dual Air Fuel Ratio Gauge and The TTS MasterTune there is a $75.00 discount on the total price. You can observe while you ride in the real world to evaluate transitionals and wide open throttle. The RSR Dual Air Fuel Ratio Gauge is waterproof and Harley-proof. It gives instantaneous visual information that is available at a quick glance...No numbers, just position and color reference (GGGYYYOORR), to tell you if your mixture is correct. Invaluable for wide-open runs through the gears or evaluating transitionals on your roll-ons.

The above chart gives the response times of the 2009 and later 12mm Delphi Oxygen sensors. In actual dyno tuning you really have to hold one "site", i.e. the intersect of load and rpm to get an accurate feedback as the sensors are always "behind" due to their response times. That's why you see Superflow engine dynos doing step testing so things can stabilize. In a tenth of a second you could be at any location on the fuel map...Not to mention the eight surrounding sites that are being interpolated.

The problem with "holding things" on and eddy current dyno is that is things heat up in these air cooled engines and the hidden code in the Delphi ecm starts changing things. You can really only do one wide-open throtte pull on a dyno at one rpm and load site before the engine heats up too much.

Best do real world data recording with the TTS while you ride and then evaluate, in real time, your map with the RSR  milli-second fast RSR Fuel Ratio Gauge with genuine 18mm Bosch O-Sensors. Real time monitoring when you ride is the only way you can evaluate transitionals, acceleration additives, and wide open throttle...all in the real world moving through the air and on the road like you do normally. All LSR 2-1 exhausts can be ordered with both 12mm and 18 mm O2 sensor bungs.

Milwaukee 8

People kept asking about RB Racing releasing LSR 2-1 exhaust systems for the new Harley Motor. Well, we are fixtured for them with a new muffler design that takes into account the increased compression and displacement, but were not releasing anything until some things settled down. No matter what people say, this is an emissions-designed engine with a lot of compression, locked in place valve adjustment and camshafts that are simply going to give you next to zero in gains for your hard earned money in just changing the exhaust. Every exhaust manufacturer wants your $$$ before things are settled down. We don't. We'll released them when there were real gains to be made.

Testing has shown cam changes need to be made along with a 2-1 exhaust to make any appreciable gains. Go ahead buy your $500.00 air cleaners and your $700.00 Monster Slip-Ons...keep the economy going. Dealer level cam modifications with CNC ported heads are showing about 130 hp...about where the TC 120R motors were.

It's still an air-cooled 45 degree V-Twin no matter what they say about water or oil cooling. BTUs are BTUs...It just has less flexibility in terms of modification than EVOs or Twin Cams at this time.  Another expensive puzzle. Does have more torque than before with the compression.

People tend to forget these are heavy couches. Adding weight is a no-no. One of our M-8 test bikes came in with a V&H Duals that, when we removed them, weighed 41 pounds!! Our M-8 exhaust weights far less than Half of that and the Pro Stocks 1/3 of that. Power to weight ratio. Heavy couches.

The Milwaukee-8 is a taller, heavier engine with the O2 sensors moved upstream, closer to where they should have been. Earlier LSR 2-1 designs will not fit this motor. We supply a different saddlebag mount system for our under the bag designs like the Pro Stock Spyder and Black Hole. All systems also have a three point laser-cut mount off of the transmission.

00-1396 LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Spyder exhaust with 2" primaries and four heat shields.above.

All of our M-8 exhausts should be compatible with Harley's 2017 Cool Flow Fan. Hot puppies these are.

Milwaukee-8 LSR 2-1's for Dressers in production

Milwaukee-8 exhaust LSR 2-1, 00-1306 Pro Stock Challenge in 2".  Coated in Dual-Coat Black Ceramic for a customer who wanted a "Really loud racing exhaust". At the dealer level cnc ported heads, cams and bigger bore kits are up to about 130 hp. When you consider an 80" EVO was about 58 HP with 175 to 200F oil temperatures it's no wonder these run closing in on 300F hot.

Milwaukee 8 Exhausts: 12mm and 18mm O2 Sensor Ports Standard

All LSR 2-1 Milwaukee 8 Exhausts come standard with both 12mm and 18mm O2 ports. This gives customers the choice to run either the OEM 12mm or 18mm O2 ports (or both with our RSR Air Dual Fuel Ratio Gauges) and tune with various narrowband or wideband options on the market. Screamin' Eagle Smart Tune PRO Automatic Tuning Module shown above. RSR Wideband Dual O2 Air Fuel Ratio Meters are used wuth the Bosch LSU4.2/9 Wideband sensors.

We have also created additional LSR 2-1 designs:  00-1393, 2" LSR 2-1 Turn Outs;  00-1394, 2" LSR 2-1 Slash Cuts; 00-1395, 2"LSR 2-1 +5" Slash Cuts; 00-1396, 2" LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Spyders; 00-1397, 2" LSR 2-1 Black Holes; and 00-1398 2" LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Systems.

Most orders are for Dual-Coat Black Ceramic. Chrome and Silver Ceramic finishes can also be ordered. All M-8 exhausts come with both 12mm and 18mm O2 Ports standard.

00-1393 in stock 45 degree 2" Turn Out in Chrome/Chrome Shields
00-1393 in stock 45 degree 2" Turn Out in Dual Coat Black Ceramic/Black Shields
00-1395 in stock +5" Slash Cut 2" in Dual Coat Black Black Ceramic/Black Shields
00-1397 in stock LSR 2-1 Black Hole 2" in Dual Coat Black Ceramic/Black Shields

No More Dynas.... Hello Eight New 2018 Softail Models

Bye Bye Dya...Adios the wannabe FXR. Hello monoshocks that handle and are lighter with the M-8 Engine. Dyna as well as Softail names have been preserved to smooth egos.

We are gearing up for these with our full product line from Pure Racing LSR 2-1 Turn Outs and Slash Cuts to our LSR 2-1 Pro Stocks as well as our sophisticated LSR-1 Black Hole and LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Spyder designs.

These big M-8 engines love our 2" primaries. M-8's are now out to 117" in CVO models.

Something like our Bol D'Or Monoshock frames from 40 years ago. Triangles and stiffness never go out of style.

Exhausts in progress for:

2018 Softails: Mid peg Models; Street Bob, Low Rider
2018 Softails: Floorboard Models; Softail Slim, Fat Boy, Softail Deluxe, Heritage Classic
2018 Softails: Forward Controls; Fat Bob, Breakout

Turbo Kits Shipping

This RB Racing Turbo kit is for a 2003 Twin Cam Dresser headed for a customer  who intends to run 8 psi on his stock TC88 motor. There is a lot of custom fabrication and machining in these. The large intercooler keeps inlet temperatures close to ambient. RSR Dual Air Fuel Ratio Gauge, TTS MasterTune and injector / throttle body upgrades. Kits ship with rider adjustable boost 5 to 25 psi.

How much horsepower?...Well,  at low boost (9 psi) 165 hp and 164 ft lns torque on a 95" Twin Cam.You can go as high as 25 psi.

One turbo kit: Three double wall boxes with all parts individually packaged. 76 pounds off to a customer.

Turbo Fuel Control

This sure does get complicated since we've been at it for way over 30 years....From draw through SU carburetors in 1980, to blow-though carburetion, to making our own closed loop RSR Fuel Injection to advanced Pectel-Cosworth electronics as well as adapting to the ever-changing Harley OEM efi systems.  We have a number of options these days...It all depends on the year of the bike. Injectors to cover from 236 to 328 hp @ 80% Duty Cycle.